The Winter’s Cold Icicles – By Faith Thomas

Winter, surround me with the cold breeze of the overcast, drought of icicles.

Drop me on a cold snow sleet like you did before, oh please.

I want to see you, winter, the shower of all snowflakes.

I want you to bring me to the snow castle of a far-away land.

Will you go there for me?

Open me to the cold, harsh secrets that you have been keeping from me.

Turn me to the opening of the cloudy blizzard door, oh please.

Fill me with darkness, below and above.

Oh, oh please, winter, surround me with the cold breeze of the overcast drought of icicles for me.

Give me the ice storm, flush out the cloudy world.

Drop me to the ground like you forgot me.

Drown me with a snowflake blizzard.

Give me the power of winter please.

Copyright 2012 By Faith Thomas

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