Can We Talk BB Cream….Please?

Okay so I know this is not “fitness” related, however I have to go here.  For anyone who either knows me or has been following me for some time knows that I am the most simple and plain gal there is.

Workout clothes, a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt, my Havaianas, TOMS, Asics, and rainboots.  Okay maybe a dress and a heel here and there.  But come on, I am pretty low maintenance.  Hair in a pony tail and well, when we get to the face and skin….whew that is a headache.  Listen I see my aesthetician every few months, I get my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks and I do make a point of using my Rhonda Allison products, well because I have to see my aesthetician and she knows my skin (thanks Amber).

But when it comes to applying makeup or even knowing what to buy or brand or even color matching … FORGET ABOUT IT!  I have no clue, I don’t get it and it stresses me out. I finally took myself into a Sephora one day and stood at the door like a deer in headlights.  No kidding, I froze.  Just pure panic ran through my body. I actually felt the “hot flash” starting to hit and the voice in my head say “no Lynda, you are over your head here”, “don’t go any further”.  Sure I want to be a “girly girl”, I want to play with colors and makeup, I love reading about and seeing pictures of all the cool products out there and how pretty we can look with a bit of makeup on.

I left the store empty-handed and just more frustrated than ever.  That’s it, sticking with my brightening cream, Vitamin C serum and anti – aging whatever.  But the holidays are approaching and everyone is getting “holiday pretty”, the clothes, the hair, the makeup.  This is the question of the hour for me, WHAT IS BB CREAM??  Does it stand for Better Be Beautiful (as in “If I buy it, will I look beautiful”)?  I don’t like “foundation” that reminds me of back in school when we wore makeup, or tried to, thinking we looked great. If we only knew then….I don’t want to cover my skin with pore – clogging makeups, or heavy anything.  Sure the mineral powder is here and I do own some, but that is a no brainer, just apply some lightly over my daily moisturizer (when I go out).

Well I “googled” around because I need to end this once and for all (personally) and from what I have read  and watched (yes I YouTubed)  …BB cream is basically a tinted moisturizer.  Hellloooo, I have tinted moisturizer! So what’s the fuss?

Ready for the bad news?  Here comes the CC cream  YEP! Because we are not confused enough.  Well I am ready for the “OI cream”….Over it LOL

I will continue on my quest for finding a perfect “BB cream” for myself and I will give it a try.  All in the hopes that I will look just stunning once I apply it.

If you have ANY tips or advice, if you use BB Cream, I am open to hearing all your input.








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  1. I use BB Cream from Boscia. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that is good for your skin and somehow adjust to match your skin tone without having to go through the dreaded matching process. I have no clue what CC cream is, but I can bet it’s only a matter of time before we’re hearing all the rage about DD cream! 😉

  2. Funny story – I was asking myself yesterday what this was 🙂

  3. Lindsey Price says:

    I just heard of this last night on Dr. Oz . At first I thought it was a brand and I could just go get some but then I realized there are different brands/formulas/”miracle” ingredients and I’m a little confused on what one would work best for me. 🙁 I am excited about the concept and can’t wait to try it after a little research! Let me know if you find a good one!

  4. I have been using Garnier’s BB cream for a few months now and LOVE it!! It takes the red blotchiness out of my face without looking like I have anything on at all!!

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