It’s A Nail Biter…


There are certain times in life that we all get excited and join together as a “unit”, the entire country comes together as one (even if we are rooting for the opposite team)  We have holidays, Superbowls, World Series, Olympics, and Election Night.  I don’t know what it is about this day, but there is a certain buzz in the air.  An excitement, a nervous energy, a mystery.  Election night is like a good book.  It can suck you in and make you happy, can make you scared, can even bring you tears of joy or sorrow and you don’t know how the book ends until the very last sentence.

This election year is the real “nail biter”, talk about a photo finish.  This will be one for sure.  The hubby and I started our day heading straight to the designated polling place.  Walking in with our booklets already filled out so we can just copy our answers and be done.  Taking the job of voting and being prepared seriously.  Okay hold on..this is my hubby and I and chances are being “serious” does not last long.  As I am walking through the doors of the very cold building in the church that they placed us at, filled with the volunteers ranging in the ages of 70 and up (no kidding), my hubby stops me as if I were to get body searched…”You can’t go in without your I.D., they need to see that before you can vote”.  “Great honey, I will wait here while you go back to the car and get it”.

Here we are at the table.  I have Ruth and Mrytal checking us in.  So when voting, it is not appreciated when you take it upon yourself to start signing in on the check in chart, at least not until you have the okay from the voting “police”.  You totally throw off all the number sequences and then next thing you know you have a small army of volunteers putting the halt on you while getting ready to radio in for back up.  Hey I was just trying to keep the line moving, what did I know?  So off I go to my table box to make my small difference count.  OH and by the way…NO ONE asked for my ID.  So basically, I could have been anyone going in to vote.

Done, now off to our hike.  The hubby has the day off and the weather here in California (Sonoma anyway) is gorgeous!  What better way to spend such an important day in history then getting away from all the “noise” and taking in the beautiful surroundings?


Our hike was followed with lunch at one of our fav spots to just chill and get some good food, Whole Foods.   Love my fresh Sushi!

Wrapping up the evening with CNN and the news team while enjoying some “Chicago Style Pizza (okay not homemade, because I am way too tired) AND homemade  “Maryland Crab Cakes”……balloons and champagne…waiting and watching to celebrate the WIN!!!


Yellow Onion

Red Bell Pepper


Yellow Squash

Old Bay Seasoning

Fresh Garlic

Kosher (Sea Salt)

Red Pepper Flakes

Ground Pepper

Panko Bread Crumbs


Mayo (small amount)

Parm Cheese

Eggs 2

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