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Okay so we are days away from Christmas and I am feeling giddy like a kid.  I had a great day at boot camp, spent some time shopping with the kids, the hubby is home for a few days and we enjoyed a family breakfast.  Now I am getting ready for “date night” with my handsome man and the weather had me thinking about how I missed living in the snow.  Sooooo, an idea came to mind (must be all the Christmas music in the house and me feeling nostalgic) for igloos and snowmen.  Here is the deal, I have some “swag” goodies sitting around and would LOVE to send them off to someone.  So I decided to have a Build a Snowman Challenge!

snowman2 snowman3

Here’s is what you need to do…..

  • Get as creative as you can and create or build a snowman..make it a family project.
  • Email me your pic of the snowman to
  • Post on here one fav memory of snowman building as a kid or parent.
  • Tweet this on Twitter and follow me @fitnessmom1
  • Head to my Fitnessmomwinecountry facebook site and “like” and use the word SNOWMAN.

You must complete ALL the steps in order to be in the drawing…AND since I normally always want to give more..I might even pick 2 winners 🙂

This challenge starts today and ends on Sunday….Ready, Set, Snow!!!

God Bless, Lynda

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  1. Lindsey Price says:

    Did you already pick a winner? Our tiny bit of snow melted before I got a pic but we have new snow and are headed out soon! 🙂

  2. Lindsey Price says:

    My favorite memory of playing in the snow as an adult was two years ago when we had a HUGE snowstorm in central Illinois. Almost everything was closed for a day and you couldn’t leave your house if you wanted to. It was so much fun to be snowed in with the kiddos and not be able to do anythning but spend quality time as a family. Later that night after we put the kids to bed, the hubby and I headed out for a snowball fight and to sled down the 15 foot snow piles at the end of our driveway. It was so much fun to act like a kid with him and have some fun. We’re often to “busy” to do things like that. We didn’t even feel guilty about playing in the snow without the kiddos. 😉

  3. Lindsey Price says:

    Yay! Thanks so much! 🙂

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