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Are you ready? Sure we all want to do the “New Year’s Resolution”.  Gym memberships go through the roof this time of year, workout videos are selling like hot cakes, we run out and buy new, shiny equipment, gadgets, clothing.  Why not? January is almost here and it’s GAME ON!

This is all fantastic, in fact I am just like all of you….however I am wise enough to know that I need to be held accountable and need that extra motivation along with positive support and input.  SO it is time for another Fitnessmomwinecountry challenge group!  Celebrating a year of success with these personal one-on-one groups with MANY returning members.

“Although I will be honest, I like weights in the gym much better.  These interval or circuits get me tired faster.  Although again, I am thinking that this is good for me too.  I just want to say thank you, L:ynda!  I realize its up to me to do this, but I’m accountable to me and to you, so you do help alot!!”

“I am glad I signed up for this challenge.  I knew what I had to do but never made myself do it so this encouraged me.  Even when I thought I was doing good, writing down my food intake showed me how many calories I was eating and drinking.  I have set the goals of eating healthy and losing 15 pounds.  I have proven to myself I can eat well and refuse certain foods, and also eat better at restaurants if I get stuck eating out.  I have also hit my goal of 15 pounds plus a couple more.  I am pleased with the results and plan to keep going.  Thanks, Lynda, for setting this up.  It came at the right time for me.”

“As I continue to follow ur quickies I have gone from 205 to 165 in 6 months and still working on more thanks for ur quickies” !!!

“Just letting you know how i feel about the group.  i am very delighted that i found you on Facebook and that you started this challenge group.  I think that you are doing a marvelous job in helping us on our journey of staying fit.  i need the encouragement and that is what you give us.  i agree that you can not be standing over us and watching our every move but what you do keeps us motivated.  I have worked with a personal trainer and i must say that your workouts are just as good.  I am already regretting what is going to happen after the challenge is over.”

“I have lost 5 pounds since I started the little black dress challenge.  I have completely revamped the way I eat and I love it.  About two weeks ago I was in a crunch and we hit a fast food chain. Even though I got a chicken sandwich, it was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten.   You have taught me to watch what goes into my mouth.   I also need to go shopping for new bra’s because I lost over an inch around my chest.  It is great to be involved with a group of woman that have the same goal as you do.”

“I have 1 week left in Fitnessmom‘s Little Black Dress Challenge.  So far I’ve managed to lose 6 pounds (mostly remaining Vegas bloat) and a least an inch of waist, navel and hips! Giving it my all this week:    Squat A Thon, #PlankADay, working out 6 days a week and no sugary treats all help!”


Starting date for the New Year Challenge will be Monday, January 7th, 2013!  Payments and sign-ups must be in before the start date in order to be ready to go on day one….NO LATE REGISTRATIONS…We all start together!  Prices for packages are…..

Basic Sweat – $12.99

Sweat and Goodies –  $25.99 (Includes a challenge shirt valued at $20 + swag) = $40 value *Savings of $14.00*

Need some tools to get your ready for the new year? Check out FitBook and their products http://www.getfitbook.com/?Click=14047

Need a new outfit to motivate you? Check out PV Body here http://pvbody.com/try/fitnessmomwinecountry

There are no videos or shakes or supplements being sold in my challenge groups…Just pure motitvaiton, desire, passion want, accountability and hard work…followed with tough love.  It is up to you! SO are you ready? Great, email me and let’s get started.  *See Testimonials for more*


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  1. What a great idea and way to go! I’m starting the next round of Fitmixer Boot camp on January 17th and can’t wait!

  2. Hi! Im interested in the new years challenge 🙂 but I’m a little confused as it will be my first time. Can you email me some more info. Thanks!

  3. How do we sign up?

  4. I’m ready for another challenge Lynda. Sign me up and my friend Angela also wants to be in the same group I’m in. Thanks. Happy New Year everyone.

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