Wrapping up November

It has been far too long since posting and I am always telling myself to get this done.   We are now on the first day of December and I need to wrap up November.

Thanksgiving went off without a hitch, success again and another year of celebrating with friends (even new ones).  In fact I am so touched when I can actually come face to face with followers of  Fitnessmom who live in the area and it so happened that Thanksgiving was an event we were able to share with fellow fans and now close friends.

Our home is the “Island of Misfit Toys”, the place where people come and join and share who either can’t be with family OR don’t have family like myself.   When my two sisters and mother had decided to end our relationship and dismiss me from the family, I knew that I was not going to let that bring my fav day down….Heck no, that was when I knew that the Lord wanted me to share my home and heart with those who want to be with us and who do enjoy us.

The entire meal was clean and green…nothing from a package or box.

  • Herb Roasted Turkey
  • Mini Herb Pommes Anna
  • Sautéed Blue Lake Green Beans with Walnuts and Dried Cherry Vinaigrette
  • Chipotle – Roasted Baby Carrots
  • Simple is Best Dressing Muffins
  • Cranberry – Citrus Relish

Dessert was done by my friend Kristen.  She wowed us with her Pumpkin Tiramisu (one small serving was good) we don’t need to overindulge during the holiday season.  I of course had the standard favs also for the kids, so a lot of cooking was going on, but I loved EVERY moment of it.  The Macy’s Parade, the dog under my feet all day just loving every piece of food that happen to slip and hit the floor 🙂 AND topping the evening off with after dinner dessert, coffee and a board game!  You know you have great friends when they will stay and play 🙂

We had our son home from college and my father was here as he is every Thanksgiving.  I am daddy’s first-born and well (he is my biggest fan)….

The next day was our Annual Family Trip to Yountville for the Festival of Lights.  This is seriously on my top to do list each year.  Getting bundled up and heading over to the quaint town and enjoying a meal at Pacific Blue Cafe (in fact we have had the same table for five years now) funny.  I love the feeling in the air, people are happy, lights everywhere, music in the background, the horse sleigh, Santa and shopping.  Just a small town with the feeling of something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.



So now December is here and the kids have their “wish lists” ready.  Noah’s  just written out and Faith’s done with glitter, colored markers and boarders.  I finally have my Charlie Brown tree and placed it here on my desk and find myself “grinning” a lot as I work.  The hubby’s birthday is next week and we head out for the real tree along with family dinner out.  Just another yearly tradition on that day.  I am big about traditions especially more so as a mom.

Coming from broken marriages and homes, I find it very, very crucial for me and my hubby to instill values and traditions into our home life and for our children.  I make a point of taking what might be an “average” day and turn into a special something.  The memories our kids will have are important to me, sure we have  normal stress and ups and downs, but making time and creating moments, remembering to shut down from the so crazy and busy world of technology and gadgets is a MUST.

In fact, Faith and I just built a fort this morning and I must log off as I sense a game of Life coming on and some popcorn.  Happy December friends, be well and be blessed.


What family traditions do you have that you instill this time of year?  I would love to hear.



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