Bothe Park, Here We Come …

Okay so I have been waiting to find the time to sit and write this post.  Normally I try to get my point or story across as simple and short as possible (trust me, my hubby would love that) but in this case not so much.  This is the first post of my new Category “Field Trip Fridays”.  I have wanted to start this for some time, but as with all of us, life gets in the way and things come up and we get busy keeping on other tasks.  Settle in and grab a cup of tea or coffee OR whatever you chose and enjoy as I take you on the journey with the fam in parts of the beautiful wine country that we live in.

Today’s venture….Bothe Park located in Napa Valley.

The drive to Bothe Park was through Napa Valley {heading North}.  Highway 29 along that route is so beautiful.  You pass through Yountville, and St. Helena and pretty much head towards Calistoga {but not quite so far}.  All the way passing amazing wineries, markets and just the cute towns.  Planning for the day was key as we knew to pack lunch and snacks {plenty of extra water} as hydrating is always key. I talk about this so much on Fitnessmomwinecountry about learning to plan and prep meals and snacks.  We can feed our kids healthy without going on a “road trip” and stopping for fast/crap food.  In fact, honestly, our kids NEVER ask for fast food and I love that we have made that choice for our family.

The day was great, weather perfect and kids were in good moods 🙂 YAY, can’t go wrong with those conditions!  The hike itself was AMAZING, just laughing and talking the entire time.  A few “big foot” calls as Noah and Dad are always on the lookout.

This was our first trip to Bothe Park and on this particular trail, so the suspense and excitement of wondering “how far” OR “where we were going” was keeping us motivated to continue forward.  Good thing we ran into some trail markers and signs along the way to ensure us that I had not taken the family on some mis-guided adventure out in the middle of no where!

About 2 hours later we finally reach the Mill and the end of that trail.  Whew, by now we had stripped down and mom became the shirt carrier for everyone.  I love having 3 + plus shirts tied around my waist while hiking and love having mine used as a “tissue” for the runny noses from the air and outdoors {must be getting close to allergy season, because Noah had blown his nose into MY shirt all day}

This is what I love….my family and making memories


What do you think about our family “adventures”?  Do you have young kids or older? Are they willing to check out new places and sites with enthusiasm OR is there some moaning and whining involved? LOL

I love sharing my stories and love even more hearing back from you….

Lynda {Fitnessmomwinecounty}

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  1. Field trip Friday – what an excellent idea! And good for you for packing some road food! There’s no more sure way to fall off the wagon than lack of planning. Great post!!

  2. We love family adventures in the sun and fresh air too! Happy times

  3. Love Napa Valley. Looks like a fun adventure. It has been probably 10 years since I have been there….Cape Town is much like Napa though!

  4. Oh, I would love to see this in person! Looks beautiful!! 🙂

  5. Looks like a beautiful outing! That last picture is especially darling! 🙂

  6. What a fun idea! The park looks beautiful and the father/daughter picture is my favorite!

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