It wasn’t the Dirty Girl that almost did me in…IT was the drive down there…

Okay so as I posted a few weeks back, I was asked by Dirty Girl Mud if I was interested in being a “Blogger Ambassador” for the San Francisco event.  SURE I was, why not?  I have seen and followed many other sites and blogs who have done mud runs and they look fun…(out of my comfort zone and scary, but fun).  The event was held this past Saturday at Candlestick Park, about an hour and half drive from me and this is where the story begins….

We had left the house at 5:30 a.m. and I was pretty happy that there would be no traffic that early on a Saturday morning.  However, there would be fog and lots of it!  Without going too deep into this (because that would be an entirely other post) I suffer from severe panic attacks.  I have a huge fear of driving on the freeway (whether the driver or passenger) I must be in control and must be driving….In the SLOW lane mind you.

The car ride for the first half hour mostly consisted of myself driving with hands posted at the 9 o’clock and 3 ‘o’clock position on the steering wheel (remember driving school, that was the way we were to drive at all times)?  Slow lane and hazard lights on (YES, I said Hazard lights)….you don’t even want to know what my hubby was saying to me in the car! Just know that he is a saint for putting up with my quirks.

*Can I veer off the subject for a sec and share about the Golden Gate Bridge for a moment?  Great, because I am going to anyway!  SO as of a few days before we headed down, the news had a report that the Golden Gate Bridge was going to be replacing all toll takers (in human form) and use a fast pass tracking. So basically you just keep driving through and they scan your license plate and bill you for the toll.


Now the last time I had headed to the city for an event, I went too far over and drove myself through the “FastTrac” lane and of course received my ticket in the mail.  I do not have Fast Trac, so I was technically a law breaker.  Today, well this will be easy, there are no more “toll takers” right?  WRONG….not listening to my hubby explain to me as we approached the toll box…”Honey, they will still people taking money, while they are in transition”.

“NO, no you are wrong, I watched the news, no one is there, we just keep going”……AS I drive through the lane and see the toll gentlemen sitting in his chair.  Ughhhhhh, ticket time AGAIN!!!???  To my defense, he was sitting back in his chair in a position that I swear he was most likely sleeping at that very early time of the day, so it was totally impossible for me to see him and stop.  NOW let’s get to Candlestick Park shall we?

Dirty Girl 033

We arrive not long after the gates to the parking lot had opened (early is always best) avoid the long lines and get better parking. 🙂  Since we were running the first course at 8:00 a.m. the crowd was not that large yet and the mojo was still a tad mellow and quiet.  Check in went great, very smooth and easy process, all the volunteers were helpful and friendly.  SO helpful that I had one volunteer actually take my phone and set up the app for me to load the race instantly to facebook….IT must have been the “you lost me look” I gave her while she was explaining to me.

Dirty Girl 001

The large bag I was carrying was filled with all necessities I could think of for such a day.  Click here to view  Super excited, got the race bib pinned on…..

Dirty Girl 002

Only to have to re-pin on to the front!  I have the MOST PATIENT HUBBY IN THE WORLD, just in case I forgot to mention….

Dirty Girl 004

The rest of the gals are here and we are getting ready to go…Team SWEAT PINK from my Fit Approach family 🙂  We all wanted to steel Jamie’s pink headband, so next year a better game plan with matching outfits and will “pink it up” for sure!

Dirty Girl 006


Dirty Girl 011

Dirty Girl 008

Dirty Girl 007

Dirty Girl 016

Jamie was ready to leap head first off the jump!

Dirty Girl 015

Dirty Girl 024

Cold?  YEP!!

Dirty Girl 025

Dirty Girl 022

Our event had to take place in the parking lot so un-like most DGMR events we were not sooo muddy, I think they brought in the “mud” which was almost a heavy asphalt type of feeling, very gooshy and thick and super cold.

Dirty Girl 023

Good thing Alyse is tall, she was able to almost hurdle the ropes and she could reach the bell! 🙂

Dirty Girl 026

Dirty Girl 020

Dirty Girl 021

I am so glad I packed toothpaste and gum 🙂  OH and the extra pair of shoes ..

Dirty Girl 034

Blocking the field goal…at Candlestick…It was for a moment surreal heading into the huge San Francisco stadium, home of the 49’ers and bittersweet at the same time standing inside the center of it, looking up and taking it al in as plans for this stadium are to demolish it sometime in the near future.

Dirty Girl 030

Dirty Girl 031

We did it!  Team Sweat Pink completed and had a blast. Will we be back? YES, yes we will with more pink and more gals.

*TIP* Pack a bag with exrta everything. I was able to use a portable sink to wash my feet and change into my flipflops (very clever idea) I had noticed that no one else thought of it and everyone had been stuck in their muddy shoes.  The morning session might be early to arrive and cold, however the mud is “fresh” and “cleaner” than it would be later in the day 🙂

Thank you Dirty Girl Mud Run for the opportunity and the sponsorship. I truly enjoyed myself and would recommend this event for anyone!

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  1. YAY, You did it! So glad you had fun…I wouldve so been there and done it with you if I lived there.

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