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Polenta, I have always loved this food.  Whether just warm from the pot or sauce pan, or topped with a mushroom sauce, or red sauce, OR just chilled.  It is a great go to quick food.  Once you get the hang of cooking it, then it becomes easy and makes for great left-overs.  Check out the Health Benefits of Polenta at http://www.naturalhealth365.com/tag/polenta-health-benefits

Due to its main ingredient of cornmeal, polenta can really act as a gluten-free substitute for almost any wheat-based side dish in a meal. With all the allergies that people now seem to suffer when it comes to eating, this can serve as a quick and easy answer for those households looking for more options.

If you are looking to use Polenta as a gluten-free alternative, make sure, when buying it premade or prepackaged, that you check the list of ingredients. On occasion you may find wheat flour used in its preparation. And depending on why you’re seeking products that are gluten-free, this type of polenta may not be the best option.

This is a recipe we do often here at home.  The key to cooking Polenta is to watch it and pay attention, while consistently stirring.  Follow your package recipe for Polenta and add your veggies. (Cook time about 30 mins)

polenta 001

polenta 006polenta 005

Saute fresh garlic and onions in EVOO….adding the Thyme gives more flavor.  The consistency will change and get thicker as you cook.  You want to be able to “stand a spoon up” in the middle of the polenta to tell when done.

polenta 011

polenta 013

polenta 014

polenta 016

Add all veggies after you have sauteed, then fold into the Polenta.  From there, pour and spread into a baking dish (make sure to lightly oil) so not to stick.  Then place in the fridge to be chilled and set for about an hour (minimum)

polenta 018

Remove, cut into squares or triangle shapes and serve chilled or heat up and warm.  Add garnish to the dish and make it a meal.


Have you tried Polenta?
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It packs easy the next day for lunch at the office or on the go.

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