Am I Up At 4 a.m. cooking? Yes I AM!

Okay so yesterday was opening day for Little League season and we had an early game.  Originally we were scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m. but as scheduling goes with little league, chances are things always change. In our case it did and we had a day’s notice that our game had been moved down to 8:00 a.m. {which means in baseball terms} we were to be meeting at 7:00 a.m. in order to wake up, warm up and get our new hats and jerseys. Yep, last minute that’s how it goes in this business.

I am not the team mom this year as I have stepped back and let someone else take this task on.  Sure I would have done it again if we needed the position filled. Doesn’t every team need an over-detailed, over-organized mom?  The mom who sends out emails 2 days before a game,  kindly suggesting that “sleep overs” on game nights might not be a great idea, OR that eating a healthy and proper breakfast of protein and carbs is far more wiser than a Pop Tart or doughnut!

Well, I may not be team mom, but my breakfast burritos were a hit last season, so much that our coach had asked if I would do them again.  Just hearing the coach ask was music to my ears. Are you kidding, OF COURSE I am going to make them again, after all I am Fitnessmomwinecountry and this is what I live for. Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, healthy meal planning and teaching our kids and families to do the same.

Just wrapping the burritos in foil and placing them still hot into my pre-heated oven at about 225 degrees, kept them warm until it was time to head over to the park to meet up.  The coaches had the kids jog from there to the field {about 2 blocks} to warm and wake them up.  *NOTE* the whole grain wraps shown in the pic ended up being too small to work with, so a quick trip to the market {thank goodness we are close} was called for to exchange size.

We did not win our first game, but we did great and the weather was amazing even that early in the morning. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting season!

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  1. My sons baseball season started as well, I will have to try these! They look delicious! I bet you were an amazing Team Mom!!

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