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Make sure you Stay in the Loop for the Fitnessmomwinecountry Wellness Days.  I have partnered up with Stephanie Ring Yoga and we have some great Saturday’s lined up for the rest of the Spring/Summer season.  One day events spent in the quaint and beautiful town of Sonoma, CA.

*DON’T MISS OUT ON THE UP-COMING DATES….HEAD OVER TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE POST AND SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER!  This newsletter will give you every date we have booked for the events, special pricing, discounts along with a recipe of the month and some Fitnessmomwinecountry “randoms”.  The best way to calendar and plan ahead for your trip to Sonoma.*

Outdoor yoga, hiking , fresh prepared lunches, and wine.  The entire day is set up for fun, relaxing, connecting, empowering, tasting, touring and even exercising.  All wrapped up in one all-inclusive price.  All you need to do is get here, we do the rest!

You want to make a weekend out of it? No problem, we have many options right in town for you and I am here to help you with any reservations you need. Once you purchase your ticket, I am in direct contact with you and will work with you even if you need help with travel arrangements.

Here are just a few kind words about the events…

  • Thank you so much for inviting me to the Fitnessmomwinecountry Sonoma Retreat, I had so much fun!! To start the day off meeting a group of nice women, and then to a winery grassy area to do Yoga with them was awesome. After that, the walk up to the next winery, the photo shoot, the small talk and then the hike up the road was just beautiful! Our boxed lunch that was waiting for us when we got back to the first winery was so yummy! Who was that Chef that prepared that meal?? The rest of the day went by too fast and wish I had another day with those women!! Friendships have been formed and I look forward to the next Retreat!!
  • If there was one word (or 2) that would describe my experience at my first Fitnessmomwinecountry event, it would be “eye-opening.”It was a last minute decision for me to venture up to Sonoma, but I couldn’t have fallen into a better way to spend my Saturday.
  • Upon arrival I noticed one major attribute about each of the women that were there… they were all WELCOMING. It’s sad to say that sometimes when women are thrown into a room, who are unfamiliar with each other, there is a tendency for “clicks” to form or for some individuals to feel isolated. At Fitnessmomwinecountry-this was not the case. Everyone was greeted with open arms and excited to take on the day together!
  • The day couldn’t have been planned better-each event was perfect. More importantly, I realized that each of us were here for the same reasons: to enjoy a day in the sun, outdoors, embracing our health and fitness lifestyles.
  • I learned so much about each of the women that were there that day. All of them had some tie to health and fitness, which is something I have naturally ingrained in myself since I was young. But through this experience, I gained a greater sense of my health and fitness goals-and was driven to CHALLENGE myself in more ways everyday.
  • I now follow Lynda’s website, Facebook page and blog to get inspiration as to how I will challenge myself each day, week, month-whatever it may be. I try her recipes, and even successfully achieved my first “meatless monday.” It feels good to try new things and challenge yourself even in the smallest ways. I look forward to the future experiences that Fitnessmomwinecountry will host! I promise, they are definitely worth attending!!

All questions regarding the Wellness Event can be asked her on the post OR email me at and I will help you.  These events are purchased right here on the website and yes they are for men and women.  *We do have a special Mother’s Day package planned for Saturday, May 11th*.

Get yourself signed up and “Stay in the loop” 🙂


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