Going for the “Color” this time…

Okay so now that I seem to have gotten over my fear of “mud runs”, I find it impossible to NOT try my first color run. Instead of wading my way through cold, thick, gooey, water and mud, I get to say dry and be covered with “happiness”. Color is all about being happy and from what I have seen and read about these events, they look very happy.

I took the step and have been invited to join Color Me Rad 5k as a fellow event blogger.  It is nice to see that we are having an event right  in near my home town of Sonoma. Okay, well not in Sonoma, but Santa Rosa which is about a 30 min. drive from there.  As with the mud runs,  I have no idea what to expect. I do know that OR assume my feet will stay dry and I won’t freeze do death.  Thanks to my gal pal Kristen, I have joined her and a team of gals whom I have yet to meet, but look forward to sharing the experience.  Our daughter Faith has no idea, but she is registered for the event also and I can’t wait to let her know after school today.

Each Color Me Rad 5k event helps to raise awareness and funds for whichever charity/non profit in a certain area.  Proceeds from the Sonoma {Santa Rosa} event will go towards Young Life Sonoma.  You can in fact create a team and fund raise for a particular program.  All details are on the website and each city/state varies.  There is still time for register for this May 18th event.

Are you crazy enough to take this on? Is your inner child wanting to come out and play with color and not worry about getting in trouble for ruining your white shirts?  Come on, what are you waiting for, you know you want to!  I love doing the 5k events that are just for fun and a good time.  Life is short, let’s enjoy it.  Sure we have our “races” we want to run for time and we train for 5, 10 and halfs.  But seriously, let your hair down once in a while and take a break from our regimens.  Join the Color Me Rad and find your city, gather some friends and just do it.

I have a feeling we won’t regret this…

*NOTE* Thank you to Color Me Rad for my registration as Blogger Ambassador.

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  1. This one conflicts with a mud run I really want to do in my area so I am doing The Color Run instead. Can’t wait to hear how it goes for you. I run my first mud run at the end of the month. I am nervous.

  2. why can’t I live closer? Would love to do it with you!

  3. Wow! This looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!

  4. Fun events like this keep the passion going, and encourage new people to get involved. Nice one

  5. This sounds fun! i think we need to make life more fun, childlike in more ways…Last week I gave my coaching group a Jump rope workout…nect with the inner child, loosen up, relax a bit and enjoy it!! 🙂

    • Thanks guys, I think I am really looking forward to seeing our daughter do this one with me…Just enjoying this particular day and event with her will be the hightlight…I anticipate alot of laughing

  6. This looks incredibly fun and I totally want the SOCKS! Wonder if there’s a color run near me? This made my day. Thanks!

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