Greek Yogurt Parfait Made Easy

You don’t have time to create an entire Parfait?  This is an super easy and quick recipe close enough to it.

  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Fresh Strawberries {any berries can do, I happen to have these here}
  • PB2 {Powdered Peanut Butter}
  • Chia Seeds
  • Cinnamon
  • Banana

I only use plain Greek yogurt in the house {unless it is for the kids,they can use the extra fat and calories} I don’t want the high sugar count for myself so I check labels and plain Greek is about the lowest you can find.  This had 11 grams per 8 oz serving {I used less than that} and my PB2 has 1 gram sugar per 2 tblspoons.

Seriously, this is so easy.

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  1. My co-worker let me try her chia seeds (a few times)… and I don’t know what it is, or if I’m just imaginging it – I had a lot of energy the next day, each time I took a spoonful of it on my lunch. Is that weird? Is that what it was supposed to do? lol :/

  2. Nancy, Chia seeds can help with energy yes, however you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water if eating them. Here is a helpful link to check out for more info


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