Hike with the kids….what could go wrong?

What do the kids and I do when “hubby” has to work? We head out for a hike!  Normally, I don’t like to do hikes without having my husband around and this is for a few reasons.

  • I tend to get lost sometimes
  • I suffer from panic attacks
  • I have been followed before while out running and approached by a stranger on more than one occasion {totally creepy}
  • I like the security of having “back up” in case something goes wrong or we happen to fall and roll down a hill and can’t get up!
  • My hubby is my best friend and puts up with my adventures♥

This hike was going to be “easy peasy” heck we were just heading over to Napa {a 13 min drive from the house} and to Westwood Park. How hard could this be?

Cool views, and healthy snacks….

Different and winding paths everywhere {which way to go}, steep slopes, narrow walkways, and even cool up-hill steps {loved the steps, could do those more than once, feel the burn}…

Remember Dirty Dancing?  Just having some fun…

Cool fence, let’s go through…all good and fun so far {kids still laughing and getting along}…WAIT…Oooppsss

Soooo, we took a wrong turn…..OH and the back pack {yeah with the cell phone and water} well that’s what happens when I set it down on a steep slope.  Don’t worry kids, we got this! Stay calm and don’t panic…..DO YOU TRUST MOM?

One kid at a time {this is steeper than it looks in pics} my kids are Loving me right now!

Back in the car and all good!  Warm baths and hot chocolate for everyone…♥

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  1. Oh my goodness what a day! I love hiking with my daughter too. Hubby works a lot so he doesn’t always get to go. I always worry about the same things you do. Looks like you all had a fabulous time anyway!!! SPA love xoxo

    • My kids wanted to strangle me, and I did not want to tell them just how freaked out I was when we were stuck on that slope…IT took over 30 mins to get down and the backpack was at the bottom!! LOL

  2. Michelle says:

    Maybe you should get a gps app on your phone…. You can also check online for most parks and hiking trails and print out maps…. Or at least read about the do’s and don’t’s for that area. I would also suggest you never leave without your ten essentials…. Even in local parks people can get hurt and lost….there is no reason to not be safe and teach the kids safety too =)

    • We did actually google before leaving LOL and it really is not a difficult hike, we just got on a trail that was too steep…..and my phone was in the back pack at the bottom of the hill 🙂 but yes, always watching out for sure Michelle

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