I fell in love…..with Bootcamp

I have tried most every type of workout there is, I have taken almost every class possible and have been a member of quite a few gyms.  This has been years of trial and error, of starting and stopping, keeping up with the latest and newest, etc.

It was not until I decided one day to contact Tiffany over a North Bay Adventure Boot Camp and see if I could “try out” the boot camp experience.  I have heard so much and follow many who seem to like it, that I thought “why not”?  Tiffany and I chatted and she was kind enough to give me a one month trial.  I attended the new session nutrition class/meeting and welcome group.  I knew the moment I met her face to face, that I found the perfect match.  Tiffany has the most out-going and welcoming personality.  Her enthusiasm along with my enthusiasm was almost enough to make onlookers nauseous!

I could not wait to get started.  Start I did! In fact it was November so the weather was a tad chilly and the mornings were dark.  This is an “outdoor” adventure boot camp.  *NOTE TO SELF* No pansy asses needed.  I completed my month trial and right after, could not wait to sign up for my next session the rest of the year actually.  Was it taking a risk to do that?  Can I stick with it?  Well, so far so good {okay so I miss some classes now that I totally wimped out with the super cold mornings} but at 5:30 a.m., a gal can only take so much and 27 degrees is just a tad too chilly for this momma. So the 9:00 a.m classes are a blessing.

Our location could NOT be more perfect as we set up on the newly built outdoor platform of the Hanna Boys Center {in Sonoma, CA}.  The views are amazing and the grounds are beautiful.

So with “boot-camp” comes the terms hardcore, crazy, outrageous, etc. But honestly these classes are for EVERYONE, seriously no matter what physical shape/condition.  The ONLY reason I don’t get to class is because my head gets in the way of “being cold”, other than that, they are so worth it.

It seems that the Adventure Boot Camp is a family run business from what I understand, so I am actually trained by Stacey from Petaluma Adventure Boot Camp and her husband Jayme, who on Friday’s brings the “equipment”.  The patience that both Stacey and Jayme display is awesome, they will answer ANY AND EVERY question. They will hand hold you {as I need with some equipment} until YOU are comfortable, yet they NEVER push too far or judge.  Baby steps are welcome with them.  I don’t know about other locations and classes, but I can say that my Sonoma family is super cool. We laugh, we motivate, we don’t judge, we accept each other and even with us all at different levels.  The 9:00 a.m. class is much “chattier” than the 5:30 a.m. {as to be expected}, so of course I love that class. 🙂

I am looking very forward to the rest of this year and looking forward to seeing my body change {lift things up and tighten}, of course it will NOT happen by wishing it, I must be there. I am so hooked on Bootcamp and very humbled and happy to be a part of the Adventure family. If you are a local in the North Bay area, check out their site and see if locations are near you.  If know anyone who does attend {like myself} then connect with them and take advantage of the “Bring a friend to bootcamp week”. The best free week you can get and you might possibly be hooked yourself.

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