Color Run Fun…..And Faith


This last weekend was my first Color Me Rad run and although I was really excited, nothing could have made it for AMAZING than running it with our daughter.  I am not sure how many of you have done runs/events with your children, but I know as a mom {for me anyway} I have always looked forward to the milestones we have with our kids. Waiting for them to be able to “chat and talk”, waiting for them to be able to play board games, waiting for them to be able to go on bike rides together, help cook in the kitchen, even make their own food, clean their own rooms….the list goes on. Now Faith and I are able to team up and enjoy something together.

I am so blessed and happy that she has the same interest in fitness and running like I do.  SO much in fact, that she runs an 8 min mile!  I have no way of keeping up with her yet, but she is always there telling me to “practice mom”, “keep going”.  I am lucky to follow and watch so many women who inspire me to do my best and keep going, but my own daughter is my biggest inspiration. I WANT her to be proud of me and look to me for guidance and her own inspiration.

I love how Faith is totally loaded up with Color Bags!!! LOL








*Thank you to Color Me Rad for the opportunity to check out one of their races.  We are already looking forward to the next one!

*QUESTION* Have you Colored Run yet?  Are you planning on it?  Take the kids and have a blast.

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  1. SO much fun!! Glad your daughter is so interested in running and y’all can run fun races like this together! Great job! :0)

  2. I love this!! Can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to join me… she’s 3. But she loves going to races, and loves the kid sprints!

  3. Looks like you had so much fun. A great mother/daughter opportunity.
    I did the color run in SF last year and loved it

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