It’s All About the Divas….

Run Like A Diva another year down.  So this is my second “Diva” run and although I enjoyed last year’s, this was even better.  The drive down, the journey, the laughs, the parking ticket, the cute police officer {listening to my story about my wrongful parking}, the LULU Lemon party, the bling, the AMAZING women we met, the connections,the “AcroYoga“,  the “tallest man ever” {6 feet 9 inches}, the group of women from Finland {see pic of the group all in blue}, the HOTTIE, HOTTIE fire men waiting at the finish line!  IS that enough?

What did you say? I can’t hear you from down here….

I have to say that doing an event like this with wonderful people and amazing energy makes it all the more.  My partner in crime {literally, ask the police officer} Kristen was the best partner for the weekend.  Her energy and spirit is awesome, and although she is no “morning person” she was a trooper.

Am I going to attend next year’s run?  Heck yeah! Only next year, I am making a goal and working towards the half.  I must set my bar higher and raise it. Stepping out of the comfort zone and taking chances is what life is about, or why bother?

 Motivating words from my daughter ♥   Amazing AcroYoga  Just being silly and having a blast

Good Lord, who is waiting at the finish line? 

Thank you to an amazing friend and woman ♥   Love Note from the family on the front door chalk board…

*NOTE* Diva needs to work on their “swag bags”, very sad 🙁  But all in all, a fun time!

QUESTION…Are you a “Diva Runner”?  Are you planning on being one?  What area would you run?

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  1. Kristen says:

    Love this post!! All true, we had so much fun!!thank you for letting me tag along and be a part of all the fun! (and shenanigans)

  2. Looks like a great time! Way to go Lynda!

  3. Looks like I missed out on a super fun event 🙁
    Glad you enjoyed it – hopefully I will make it there next year

  4. Looks like a fun event. I am registered for the Diva Half in Myrtle Beach next year.

  5. What a fun race!! Congrats!

  6. Holy shnikeys! That finish line is far better than men in tuxedos at Nike! The ones in tux’s aren’t normally very good looking and range from (what appears to be) 13 to 60.

    • LOL I know right?? I was wondering if they were the medals….I only took these pics, they had SEVEN guys at the finish line, but I felt that more pics would have made me look out of line LOL

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