It’s Motivation May, Treadmills, Journey and Burt’s Bees

Good morning and happy May 1st.  I have something super fun and motivating to share with you and I sure hope you will join in.


We are getting closer to summer season, this means less clothing, more skin, swimsuits, and {hopefully} eating healthy, clean and fresh foods. I was so excited when I happen to stumble upon Sexy Heffer  {Sherry} and The Pink Growl {Nikki, who started this}.  Who doesn’t need extra motivation?  Join us in motivating one another and maybe even pushing ourselves past 30 miles {raise the bar a bit}. Just grab this cute button and join in.

As I talked about in my video…..

  • What are some ways you keep yourself motivated while running? {Either on the treadmill, track, road, whatever}.

My dance moves keep me going when I hear a good song.  For instance I LOVE my Journey {yep I’m an 80’s gal} so when I here this come on my Ipod, I can’t help myself from busting out some arm movements while on my run, and when my version from the cast of Glee comes on, oh boy. Yes, I am a fan of Glee, can’t help it.  OH and singing? Heck yeah, the louder my Ipod, the better I sound 🙂

Are you going to join us?

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  1. Hmmm… I don’t run, but I’d totally double it and do 60 miles in May. I love dancing on the treadmill. Sometimes if I’m doing intervals (at a slow wogging pace), and I’m “about to die” or so my mind has convinced me, I crank up some dancable (Hm, pretty sure that’s not a real word) hits and walk while dancing to help recover a little but keep my HR going enough making it worth it 🙂

  2. I’m playing catchup!
    I love ‘Don’t stop Beleivin’ – i am singing along now as I type.
    Awesome 30 miles in May challenge. I may join, depends when I am feeling better, at the moment I can barely walk to the other room without having a coughing fit – it’s not looking good for me taking part on Sunday 🙁

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