The Entire Family Hike….Bring It!!

We just had our oldest home for a few days and I loved it.  I told him he was to join in on a “family hike” and I think he was surprised to see how far we go {especially his brother and sister}.  This was a day of hiking the Lucas Valley Loop in Marin, Ca.



We brought it!!!

  • Was there “bickering” along the way? SURE! 
  • Did we leave the house a tad late and have a late start, as it was a hot day? {low 90’s} YEP!
  • Was my hubby wanting to strangle me half way up the mountain? OF COURSE!
  • Was Stryker our fat dog wiped out?  HE WAS!
  • Were we wondering if we packed enough water?  PLEASE!
  • Was it an amazing family adventure and another memory?  HECK YEAH!!!
  • Will we do more?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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  1. Looks like it was a great day! I love doing the same with my family and we have all the same issues but I agree, still LOVE hiking with my fam!

  2. Sounds like an awesome hike, and the views are amazing, I should come out that way for a hike sometime. Great you got all your family out together too

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