Did You Say “Pack My Bags”?…..

Well it’s official, summer is here and ours is starting off with quite the surprise.  It amazes me how my hubby works so hard and so much for our family, that when he is given a bonus from his boss, he makes it about surprising me {as if I am the one who has earned it}.  Last week when arriving home from work with a bottle of bubbly, some of my fave white roses and a card, I really was stumped as I knew we had not been celebrating anything.  Sure he loves bringing home fresh flowers for the house every so often, but this was different {and him telling me to wait to open the card and “be quiet” as to not to get too excited} had me really wondering.

Okay, I will play along.  Hours later after the kids were settled, it was time and I just remember opening the card with the utmost excitement and then to see the words “Congratulations” on the front. Hmmmm, hold on, we aren’t preggers {good lord no}, I did not acquire a new job outside of the house, I did not sign up for any contest, did not buy a lotto ticket, did not win a bet with him…..what on earth?  Inside were some of his words and then ending with “pack your bags baby, we are going to Maui“.

WHAT??? SHUT IT!!! No way…..then it dawned on me that my hubby finally received something he is so worth getting, an all expense paid trip to the beautiful island.  Four days of nothing but relaxing, stress free paradise.  Everything covered, food, air, hotel, car, parking at airport, spending allowance, even babysitting costs.  Then it hits me, babysitting costs.  The kids, you mean we aren’t taking them?

Listen, I am not at all wanting to sound spoiled, ungrateful or just snarky about this, but I just don’t have the desire to leave our kids and get on a plane. Sure we do “date nights” and they go to mom-in-laws {here in town} and we are a short drive away, but on a plane and far away?  This is a difficult one for me to write because I can hear myself and hear how “silly” I might sound to alot of parents out there. Sure our kids are 12 and 11, sure they will be fine.  The problem is, I am trying to figure out how I will be fine.  Being a gal who actually suffers from panic attacks {disorder} and refuses to take any meds, is really in deep here.  This is one of those “step out of my comfort zone” things I talk about all the time on Fitnessmomwinecountry.

I have found myself in moments of super excitement to super bummed out feeling guilty.  We love taking our kids with us when we go anywhere, but have never been able to afford to fly the entire family out for something this cool.  Airfare these days is just nuts.  Oh and then the flying part, {did you see the movie Flight}?

I happen to love Maui, in fact I have had the pleasure of visiting the Island a few times {before having kids} and this is my hubby’s first visit.  So I am really looking forward to seeing him experience the beauty, the sounds, the smells, the sights and just really taking it all in.  Relaxing and enjoying being away from the office.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to go and the time alone will be so fun.  OR am I going to be one of those moms sitting on the beach  and seeing other families thinking “wow I miss the kids, I feel so bad they aren’t here” “what a horrible mom I am to be able to hop on this plane and take both parents away to paradise, while we leave them behind“.

SO here’s the deal….

  • We must take this trip
  • I must put this in God’s hands
  • I must breathe deep
  • I must enjoy the moment
  • I need to find a way to get over the guilt
  • I need to be super excited for my hubby {which I am}
  • I must put this in God’s hand {I talk to him a lot}
  • I need to find some cute bikinis
  • I need to have fun packing for the trip
  • I need to get a spray tan
  • I need to hit it hard at my boot camp classes {LOL}
  • I need to be grateful
  • I need to be the best mom I can be and do this for my kids????
  • I need to relax !

I would love to hear your input on this {as any suggestions from you fellow parent travelers is welcomed}. Any tips, any advice, etc.  Are you in the same boat as I am?  Are you heading anywhere this summer without the kids?  Do share and let me know 🙂

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  1. When are you going and whereabouts?
    We fly to Maui on June 17th and are staying in Lahaina – its our first trip to Hawaii
    I personally would not be able to go and leave my kids behind,but then I don’t have kids, so maybe if I did I would feel different and won’t a break. I am sure you will do just great and your kids will be just fine, they are older and will no doubt enjoy their mini vacation whilst you are away too

  2. My husband and I went away twice without our kids, once for a few days to Vegas and once for a week to Paris. Our kids had a blast staying with my parents and my parents had a blast having them for a few days. I was worried leaving them, and missed them but it wasn’t as hard as you might think to relax and enjoy myself. Honestly, 11 and 12 is such a great age for this because they are on the cusp of spreading their wings and that is a fun age (from the adult perspective) for other adults to be “babysitters.” Since you are going, I will say to start practicing “praying not worrying” and know that you will have a great time with your wonderful husband!

    • Thank you for the comment and wisdom Coco..I appreciate it. I did finally tell them we were going without them and well, we were all kind of bummed out. MY praying is on full-time clock about this trip and the worries I have about it for sure….I am looking forward to the beautiful sites and the time alone for sure, but after a few hours I will be wanting to have them with us…

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