It’s Lake Tahoe People….And A Promo Code!

I am so excited to share this that I am having a hard time finding a way to start.  It’s time for the 18th LAKE TAHOE MARATHON + {the plus meaning that this three day event has more than just the marathon} you have a menu of events to choose from and the scenery alone is worth it.  No matter which you do, you will be in Lake Tahoe  so trees, beaches, lakes, mountains, the fresh air {is that enough}?  September 27th-29th, 2013

As a child growing up in South Lake Tahoe, I could not be more thrilled, because this is the year that I am getting involved and both Faith and I are running the 5k which finishes at Pope Beach. The very same beach that I played on for years and have taken our kids to.  Here is an example of what you can find on the event menu…


The Optimist Kids Fun Runs, 5K, 10K, 3 different Half Marathons, 20 Miler, 3 different Marathons,
the 52.4 Mile Double Down Marathon, 72 Mile Ultras, SUP, Kayak, Swim, Bike, Speed Golf,
3-Day Triathlon, 3-Day Tahoe Half Marathon Trifecta, 3-Day Tahoe Triple Marathon,
and the 3-Day Super Triple Marathon

+optional Sunset Pasta Cruise and finish line Gourmet Lunch

We offer you maybe the most beautiful set of races, runs, jogs, or  walks you will ever do.

“The Marathon, 20 Miler and Half Marathon offer you challenging hills, spectacular scenery, and the gathering of the nicest people any of us know. Add in a finisher’s  medal for all runs,  walks, and relays, a nice long sleeve wind shirt  without sponsor’s logos, hot dogs and beer and everyone finishing  on one of the prettiest beaches at Lake Tahoe. The 10K is the last 6.2 of the marathon course and is a spectacular all down hill run (99%). You’ve seen Meg Ryan riding her bike on the ridge in the movie (City of Angels) near the starting line of the 10K.  Or do the 5K  a looped run around Valhalla that starts and finishes at the marathon finish line. Plus the 3 Day Triathlon, the Triple Marathon, and the 72 Mile  Ultra Marathon, and Speed Golf. Bike, kayak, swim….fun, fun, fun.”

From now until August 31st I have a special Promo Code for you to use {even after the event’s promo codes are gone}  Just register for whichever event you want and type the words LYNDA BENSON for a $5 coupon code!

Whether you are into biking, running, walking, swimming, or even a super marathoner.  This is the event for you.

View of Emerald Bay


*So what do you think?  Are you ready to make a mini-vacy out of this trip? Have you done the Lake Tahoe Marathon before?  Which would you register for?


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  1. Wow…the Lake Tahoe Marathon sounds like a fabulous event!! Gorgeous views, too!

  2. I love Lake Tahoe – this is hubby’s birthday weekend, I wonder if I can convince him to come run with me?!

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