Pretty Muddy….OH Yes We Were!

Well three months ago when I signed up for the Pretty Muddy Run in Sacramento, I had NO idea that we would have been hit with some outrageously hot weather!  The morning started at 4:30 a.m. {in order for myself to get up and start coffee, make a protein shake, pack the essentials for the day and dress before waking the family up.  Nothing like a 5:00 a.m. call on a Saturday morning in order to get in the car and drive almost 2 hours for mom to run in a bunch of mud! {By the way, it was 77 degrees at 7:30 a.m. when we arrived in Sacramento}!  Our wave did not start until 9:00 a.m., which meant more time for the sun to get hotter.

Mr. Pretty Muddy himself….Kevin Scharnek

We are not even done yet…. {am I ALWAYS the shortest one in the group}?

I knew I had some “tom boy” in me somewhere…..who says girls can’t play hard?

Great job Mom!

The event was set in a great location, easy to get to and pretty.  I was surprised however {and disappointed} that there happen to have been several food vendor trucks set up selling food that I personally did not think appropriate for a running event   junk. Examples….corn dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, slushies, something with bacon, etc…Just pure “garbage” food like you would find at a carnival.  I get it, some people enjoy all that, but I have a hard time associating healthy events and lifestyles with promotion of those foods. Just seems like an oxymoron.  Not to mention, the scent of the foods took away from the fact that we were out in the fresh air and taking in being healthy.  We had planned for the day, and packed a cooler in the car with all the healthy foods and snacks we knew we wanted and needed.

I was surprised to notice that although the course was a 5k and we did seem to have plenty of obstacles, many of the runners were complaining and/or questioning as to why there were not more “wet/muddy” areas along the course, instead of just the very end.  Due to the extreme and not normal hot weather for this particular week, a wetter course would have been in favor.

Something else that came to mind was the end of the race and finish area. Most events supply nearby stations/tables with things like bananas, muffins, bagels, oatmeal raisin cookies, oranges, etc. So runners are right away able to replenish.  This is not the case with Pretty Muddy.  A table of water was available at the end, but in order to get something your options were the food truck vendors or something you brought yourself.  There were tables set with products advertising their items, but most were just that, items.  We did have a table with Activate Antioxidant Water that did give out a bottle to each runner and I had seen them before at other events.  But in general, nothing and again with the heat wave we had, this would have been a positive option for runners.

Then comes the question if there had been a table area with food items, what about all the muddy hands we had to clean off?  Most of us had the mud caked onto our hands and until you headed to the parking lot area where the hose stations were, you did not have anywhere to rinse those. Just to clean our hands in order to grab and carry our bags, get water, stand in line for your free pictures {which by the way was a nice treat} would have been a plus.

Okay, so I sound like I am complaining a lot and that is not the case.  I truly did enjoy the Pretty Muddy Run and I think that Kevin and his team did a great job.  They had a an entire changing station set up for us to change clothes in private, the hose station was set up great and seemed to run smoothly, we had the Old Navy tent giving out great swag {a free tote, flip flops and t-shirt} and they seemed to have plenty of all sizes.  Our miss Faith was even given her own bag even though she was not old enough to run the race.  Check in went very smoothly and quick.  Parking was a piece of cake and easy.

I would absolutely do this event again and look forward to it.  In fact our daughter is counting the three years left until she can join in.  Until then, the kids will just come along, wake up early, support mom and enjoy the day.  Then climb back in the car and head back home.

Heading home on the freeway, the fields of Sunflowers were so beautiful.  Fields of corn everywhere.

Oh yeah, by the time we left around 11ish, we had hit 105 degrees!  Can you say long ride home?

*Thank you to Pretty Muddy for sponsoring me in this event*

*Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts about my review. Have you done Pretty Muddy or any other Mud Runs?

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  1. I had some of the same thoughts when I ran Pretty Muddy! I had a great time with great friends though!

  2. Looks like you had a blast, I loved my mud run last year


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