Vegetable Beef and Barley Soup

It is literally the second week of June and I am making soup!  Yep, we have some interesting weather here in Northern California and it just screams cozy, soup, and snuggle in.  With that said, I have had this bag of barley sitting in the pantry for a while and have been telling myself to do something with it.  Well today was the day.   After checking out some recipes on-line, I had come up with my easiest version possible and without beef {I am not a red meat eater}, however this recipe did include beef broth.


  • Low Sodium Beef Broth
  • Barley
  • Celery
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • Sea Salt {optional}
  • Fresh Ground Pepper {ALWAYS}
  • EVOO

Okay so basically I just used what I had in the house, of course with this type of soup you can create and add whatever.


  • Cook the barley until soft in half water/half beef broth {I actually used my rice steamer for this}
  • Saute the mushrooms and onions together in EVOO {I added a splash or two of Sauvignon Blanc that was chilling in the fridge} I love adding wine to my sauteed veggies
  • Cut and steam carrots and celery until just al’dente
  • Bring half water and half beef broth to a boil in large soup pot
  • Add your softened barley
  • Add your mushrooms and onions
  • Add your steamed veggies
  • Dash of sea salt {if needed or want}
  • If soup seems to thin, thicken with cornstarch/potato flour starch

If you have ever followed my recipes in the past, you will know that I DON’T measure, everything is just “eyeballed”.  So go with what you want and how much you want to make.  This is just a super easy and quick soup made up in about 30 mins total from prep to finish.

Top with grated fresh parm cheese or add a bay leaf while cooking and enjoy 🙂


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  1. Never tried this one, but it sounds delicious!! :0)

  2. Never had barley soup, looks and sounds yummy

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