Basil Pesto

Everyone most everyone either LOVES pesto and/or makes it homemade.  Right?  Well we make pesto all the time in our house and use if for so many foods, here is our “basic” recipe.


  • Basil {fresh}
  • Garlic {fresh} you can purchase garlic already skinned and ready for use and in EVOO from places like Whole Foods in a container
  • Parm Cheese {fresh grated is best, but if you must use pre-grated then do so}
  • EVOO
  • Sea Salt

Add everything in the blender and pulse.

I told you Basic.  This is the easiest Pesto recipe ever and anyone can do this.  Once you make it, add it to an amazing dish and make sure to FREEZE what you don’t use.  This stuff is a life saver when in a hurry to pull a dinner together.  I know when the kids have pasta and am looking for an idea, having the pesto in the freezer at hand is awesome.

Grilling some chicken?  Pesto it up.  Add fresh veggies, we love grilling corn or even artichokes.

Take that pesto and make your own aioli for your artichoke dip.

Add this to your own homemade pizza….it’s summer time enjoy eating everything fresh and homemade

See Oh My Arugula for more ….Enjoy



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  1. I was just saying to Dave last night that I hadn’t had pesto for ages, and maybe I would make some – so Ill be off to the store tomorrow to get the ingredients – thanks for posting this

  2. Sounds incredibly easy! I am going to add this to my collection! You always have the best recipes! :0)

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