What’s In Your Fridge?….A Link Up Party

I have decided to link up and join some fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors and other cool bloggers in the “What’s in your fridge”? Link up.  Thanks to Lea over at Running with Ollie, who started this.

Almond Milk for Mom and 2% for the kids. Hubby loves the sparkling water and OJ is the only juice we buy…

Using containers to pre-cut celery and carrots are always in the fridge. Feta, goat, blue and cream cheese {Faith loves her cream cheese and bagels} Fresh garlic {always} and protein this time around {pork chops and chicken breasts}

Drawer is always over-stuffed with the veggies….green onions, red/yellow onions, cucumbers, zuchs, squash, bell peppers, cilantro, basil, romaine lettuce, spinach, mushrooms

Tortillas for tacos and other creative dishes, watermelon {all summer} cauliflower, lettuce, more zuchs and squash

Beef, chicken or veggie broth always in the house, hubby loves the Tapatio, low sodium soy, lemon juice and random others

Red sauce for kids pasta, standard mayo, mustard, jelly and my Endangered Species chocolate a MUST {click pic for review}

This does not count the counter produce and the grains, nuts, etc.   Basically a run down of the latest fridge montage. This was a fun post and if you want to join in, just “link up”……Soooooo “What’s in YOUR fridge”?



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  1. awesome post! loved your fridge pics. Thanks for linking up! and I loved the Endangered Species chocolate review! YUM!

  2. I’m in awe of your fridge! I live in the UK right now and have a fridge a tiny step up from a college dorm fridge. It’s so small! We can handle about 2-3 days worth of food in it at a time (no room to food prep either).

  3. I kinda love to see what’s in people’s fridges!
    What’s in mine?
    Well I have a BILLION cans of Stevia. Some spaghetti squash, Spinach, Butter Lettuce, Water Bottles, Heinz Sugar Free ketchup, Mustard, digestive enzymes and some salmon for dinner tonight! 😀

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