Why Is Running Awesome?

I am joining the link loving with two blogs The Lady Okie and Coffee & Macarons today to share my reasons why I think “Running Is Awesome”.


Coffee & Macarons

I don’t think I could really sit and come up with 100 reasons, however I can come up with MY reasons…

  1. It’s a great excuse for me to find new music for my play list
  2. New running shoes every few months {and new brands to try}
  3. Feeling great
  4. Connecting with other “runners” no matter what level {runners are like a family of total support and encouragement for one another}
  5. Increased energy during the day
  6. Watching my clothes fit looser
  7. Getting to purchase new running clothes
  8. Getting to be outdoors

  1. Taking in the world around us {noticing certain gardens, loving the views of the wine country, even making friends with the Llama who is behind the fence everyday on one of my running routes, whom I have named Lola and yes she comes to me when I call her}
  2. Keeping up with my kids
  3. Running makes me want to eat healthier {I am more aware of my food and meals when I am running}
  4. Get introduced to other bloggers
  5. Join a 5k or 10k and realize just how fun and amazing they are

  1. Set goals for myself to continue to train further {goals I would never attempt to do if I were not out running}
  2. The assortment of so many different runs to register for
  3. The opportunity to be a Blogger Ambassador for runs
  4. The emotional journey {myself and others that I connect with}
  5. The feeling of awesomeness when crossing a finish line
  6. The tears, the joy, the hard work, the pay off
  7. The super cute hotties at the finish line handing out medals

  1. The feeling of being accepted no matter what we might think of ourselves
  2. The healthy lifestyle it incorporates into our family and every day

  1. The routine
  2. The commitment
  3. The way I feel
  4. The way I look
  5. Relief of Stress and anxiety of whatever is going on in life
  6. A great time and place to cry {had those days}
  7. A great time and place to sing out loud to your playlist
  8. The wave and smiles you get from fellow runners
  9. The “runner’s high” {oh yes, who has not had that yet}
  10. The feeling of wanting to stop but only to look down at your running app and think “hell no” and keep going further {and you do}
  11. The self confidence you get just overall
  12. The “pony tail” best running hairdo
  13. Being an inspiration to others and help them on their journey
  14. The hills for those “bootie” days

  1. The way you feel and look naked {did I just write that}
  2. To be the runner that you would always see from while driving down the street from your car and wish it were you doing that
  3. More water intake {running has made me be more aware of making sure I am hydrating more often}
  4. Stamina
  5. The so many different place to run {who knows where you could end up}

I am sure I could go on and come up with more reasons, but these were right on the top of my mind.  I remember being into running years ago and then just slowly watched myself fall out of it.  Not until this last year have I been dedicated again and working on my goals.  I have not done an “official” 10k yet, but have completed on my own with a friend and that was amazing.

*DO you run? Why? Comment and share or link up


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  1. Wow! These are all such great reasons. Thanks for linking up! I love that your family runs too! That first picture of you in the hill country is gorgeous. Sometimes I wish I had some better scenery to look at in Oklahoma 🙂 But I love that I can get outdoors and be active!

    • Thanks Amanda…I live right in the Wine Country and that pic is just a few miles from my house 🙂 I am super lucky to have all my running routes surrounded with such great scenery..Thank you for heading over and commenting I appreciate and glad you enjoyed:)

  2. So glad we connected on FB yesterday! Excited to poke around your site and get to know you a bit more 🙂

  3. Wow! What a great list of comprehensive reasons! LOL at the hotties at the finish line – when I finished the Knoxville Half Marathon, University of TN football players were handing out medals! What BEAUTIFUL places you have to run! And how cool that you’ve run the Golden Gate Bridge!

  4. Those were awesome! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  5. Love love love this post and I love running too

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