Another Summer Done and Off To School…

I am not sure if I will ever get used to watching the kids head off to school the first day.  Sure we {parents} go through the summer highs and lows.  First we are super jazzed “Yay summer vacation is here”, lot’s to do, places to go, no schedules, stay up late, sleep in, be lazy, basically just live the few months carefree.  Then it hits, summer is winding down and the kids start getting antsy, they get bored, they start bickering.  We start to pull our hair out, re-think our game plan, start crossing off days on our own calendars for the countdown to “peace and quiet”.  Please tell me I am not the ONLY parent thinking this! Nor am I a bad parent, just one who loves some “me” time.

I can’t even count how many games of Sorry, Clue or cards I have played the last two weeks in order to help pass the time.   I can tell you how horrible I felt when while playing those games and entertaining the kids, all I could think of was how many emails I had waiting, how far behind I was on my blogging, how many product reviews I had have waiting for me to get to and this was all on top of taking care of the house and chores.

But when I took a few moments to reflect and pay attention, I could not have been happier.  I know just how blessed I am to be an at home mom even though one is grown and moved away and the other two are middle school aged.  Yes, I am surely lucky.  God has given me the best gifts ever….my hubby {my best friend} and three AMAZING and healthy children, each with their own wonderful personalities and quarks.

I am able to live my dream and follow my passions while being able to literally spend time with our children.  Okay, so I have to make meals as if I were running a 24 hour diner and the laundry is always growing out of the basket faster than I can catch up and maybe I do let the kids chores slip and I make their beds.  So who am I to wander off in my mind about all the other “stuff” that I know I need to catch up on and then find myself getting stressed out or resentful?  Shame on me.

The first day of school came yesterday and I am already finding myself thinking about the kids all day. We met up with Faith’s “peeps” down the street and walked them into school.  One of the parents showed up with a basket of fresh baked muffins for the walk.  It was a great way to start 6th grade, with confidence and her “besties”.  The gang heading in to school together as one and supportive of each other.  Chatting the entire walk about who has what class with who and how they were going to find the meeting place at the first break.  Keeping a close eye on each other and taking care of each other.  That is something very special and I pray that this small group stays strong and tight with one another.


I catch myself walking past Noah and Faith’s rooms and stopping at the door, just to look.  I even showed up an hour and half early for pick up yesterday {thinking that I was on the elementary school schedule} and forgetting until I pulled into the parking lot and saw nothing but quiet, pulling out my cell phone and calling the school office {in somewhat of a panic} asking when the day ended, then taking a deep breath and feeling very silly for being so antsy {or blonde}.

You see, summer was here and now it is gone.  Just like that, over.  Back to school and it is bittersweet.  Could we have done more?  Should we have done more?  Each year the summer breaks seem to go quicker and the year starts earlier.  Not like when I was a child and we started after Labor Day.  No, now time is moving and life is going by fast.  The kids are growing and I want to slow them down.  Maybe it is the fact that I am turning 46 in a few weeks, we are done having children.

There are no more “parent helpers” in class.  No holiday parties in the classrooms like the Valentine exchange or the Halloween parade, no more just going to campus and stopping in to say “hi” and just checking in on the kids or joining them for lunch, even heading into the principals office for a quick hello and a piece of chocolate from her candy jar.

I had been a parent at our elementary school for 14 years and my heart is feeling sappy and sad as I am reflecting.  I have so many memories of those years and I knew the day would come that we would be growing up and moving on.  I just did not realize how hard it would actually be. My heart is warm and sad at the same time.

So know I must take on a new and different role.  I must adjust to the middle school life and know that the kids are more self sufficient.  The homework is more difficult {harder for me to understand} and projects get bigger.  Moods will change as puberty is knocking on the door and new friends will be coming into play as the school has such an array of different kids.

Faith has her older brother at school {his last year as an 8th grader} and the two of them will start having a different relationship.  He is to watch out for her {as we know he will}, and she will hopefully look up to him as the cool big brother and not so annoyed with one another.

I am going to embrace the year and be the “cool” mom {as much as I can be} and not get too “needy”.   Now to help and hopefully guide our 21 year old as he is still trying to find his passion.



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  1. So, so beautifully written!! I don’t know which aspect I can say I loved best about your writing!! All was so well expressed!

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