Back To Boot Camp and I Was Grumpy…

Well we are back from “recovery” week and starting a new session at boot camp.  Wait, I have to be honest I did NOT get to class Monday because, well because I was a lazy pansy and just did not do it.  Now for the present day {Tuesday} the class time was 5:30 a.m. and as I headed to bed Monday night I was just giddy with joy that I was going back and kicking ass bootie.  All was good until 4:45 a.m when it happened, the alarm clock.  Ughh, the alarm clock!  NO, no, no….take me back to recovery week.  Momma does NOT want to get up and move.


I should have known by my mood when I hit the button that I was headed out for one grumpy journey.

  • I did not lay my workout clothes out the night before, so this made me work in the dark roaming through my pantie drawer for socks and panties {it was like reading braille} just feeling my way around and then doing the same in my workout drawer for clothing.  {everything I own is mostly black, so this was not helpful}.
  • I was working with just the light from the walk in closet, because heaven help me if I turn on a light and wake the hubby at 4:45 a.m.
  • Headed down stairs and tripped over the cat {spewing swear and curse words out from under my breath}.
  • Got to the kitchen and realized that we were out of coffee…forget to let hubby know to pick some up on his way home from work {more curse words}.
  • Dressed and ready to go,  then the “hot flash” hits {now I have too many clothes on} stripping everything off like a hot mess.
  • Thinking do I need to go to the bathroom? Yes No? Well do I?  {oh good lord, just get out the door and leave already}.
  • The car! Oh yeah, I left the driveway for my hubby last night {since he has a real job} and I was parked 7 houses away {we live on a private street with parallel parking spaces all the way down} only walking to mine at 5:00 a.m. was just NOT fun today, still really dark out.
  • The dog, waiting for him to “do his thing” and trying to wrangle him to the car as quietly as I can this early {whistling and cursing under my breath again}.
  • Finally, on the road.  Making good time, still grumpy though.
  • Road construction! Oh yeah, I have been off a week of recovery and the construction of the new “round about” is getting closer to being done {by the way, we don’t have “round abouts” in Sonoma.  Cones, and signs everywhere, circling just trying to see which direction I go, squinting through my window on the dark morning following the reflectors.
  • Head into the driveway of boot camp only to run right into crossing tape, you know the kind that you see at a crime scene?  Only this was construction and the driveway was closed!
  • Much more cursing only louder this time and pulling out doing a 5 point turn and reading the sign saying “detour take back road into camp”.
  • UGHHHHH!!!!  Why did I get out of bed this morning?  Why?  That’s it, I am out, done, finished, going back home.
  • No I am not.  Why? Because that would be me making and finding an”excuse” to not get my workout in.
  • Pull up to class, somewhat of an attitude and a pout on my face.
  • Lay my mat down and slowly start to breathe.
  • Minutes later, I feel a smile slowly growing on my face, I am outside on a beautiful fall morning, staring up at the stars and doing something good for my mind and body.
  • Complete class and feel AMAZING!  Who would have thought?  Definitely not I.
  • Car ride home and Lady Gaga Applause comes on the radio.  Well I applause myself for getting through this morning.  Now for the rest of the day LOL.

My point behind this, we can ALL find any reason/excuse to sabotage something we are working towards.  It is very easy to talk ourselves out of doing what we need to do.  It is easy to say “tomorrow”.

If you had not seen them, I video blogged my last 4 week boot camp session in order to help hold me accountable.  It worked.  Check out this one in which I talk about “excuses”.

*Have you let a “grumpy or bad morning” be your excuse?  Have you ever tried dressing for class in the dark or showed up with your pants on inside out? {yeah that was another class day}

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*Thank you to Napa/Sonoma/St. Helena Boot Camp for your great instruction and being there for us. 



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  1. Well done you for going anyway. Did you feel better at the end? I just keep remembering the Legally Blonde quote “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands…”

  2. I am having one of those days today, except not with exercise. I was supposed to leave today for the FitSocial conference but I got the flu yesterday. Didn’t get things done cuz I was laying on the couch. Woke up to a mild fever still and no electricity and water (our power went out). Fortunately the power came back on but I didn’t get to pick up my roomies from the airport as planned. But I’m leaving tomorrow for Bolder early come hell or high water!

  3. OMG Lynda! What a morning! God bless you for continuing to march on to boot camp! That is dedication and I need a little more of that! I have a son in army basic training and every time I don’t get up and work out I think about him and how no matter what, he can’t use excuses! So, starting tomorrow, I will get back on that treadmill! Thanks for the motivation!! 🙂

    • Seriously Right Heather??? I am not kidding it was the morning of all mornings and I was so irritated. YES, get on your treadmill tomorrow and if you start to think you won’t, then read this post again LOL xoxox

  4. So awesome…you are right, it’s totally worth it! :0) Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Great motivation for us moms who get stuck in ruts.

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