Dear Teacher, Meet Faith…

This week an assignment came home with Faith, we were to {in so many words} write about our child, letting her teacher know a bit about her.

FROM MOM…Faith is amazing!  Not just because she is our daughter, she is just an awesome spirit and kind soul. She is caring and creates true friendships.  She is an incredible artist, she is a beautiful swimmer {4 years on the swim team}.  She is driven by her passions. She is competitive in a healthy way.  She is out-going, fearless and if something is scary to her, she is still willing to step out of her comfort zone and try.

She loves food, she likes to run.  She is very creative. Her favorite snack is popcorn.  She is a lover of animals. She is able to speak her mind.  She is funny, witty and even sarcastic.  Anyone who has the chance to know her and become her friend is very fortunate.

FROM DAD…Faith is my daughter and as they say “wrapped around her finger”.  She does not take “No” for an answer, she is articulate and is a front-forward thinker.  She thinks of others before herself.  In one sentence “the most amazing person I know”.



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  1. That is so sweet! What a great idea for an assignment 🙂

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