Fall and My Football…

Fall and Football!  Yep, that is where we are going today.  Football.  I can’t get enough of it.  Now my hubby is a huge fan of college football and I do watch and pay attention {only to see who I need to watch come time for the NFL draft}, I have to stay in the loop for my fantasy league picks and I am a Cal Berkley fan.  But college is NOT what I am talking about, nope, I am talking about THE BIG BOYS, the NFL.

I really can’t recall why I have become such a hardcore fan, but I remember back in the 80’s watching and cheering on the San Francisco 49er’s, you know when they were a “great team”.  Montana, Clark, Rice, Cross {you get the idea}.  Time and years had passed and this gal was just not paying much attention until about 12 seasons ago.  Watching one day with friends and thinking “that poor team, they need some love”.  That was the day that I became truly wrapped up in football, the day the I became a New Orleans Saints fan.  Love the black and gold, love the team, love my boyfriend Sean Peyton and my stand up guy Drew Brees.  This was it, I was jumping on the “aints” band wagon and I was determined to stay on no matter what.

Living just an hour north of San Francisco has made my many years of loyalty to “my team” somewhat wearing at times.  I have heard it all, from every friend, family member and even strangers {as I sport my Saint’s shirts in the market or around town}.  The “bounty” team, the “aints”, “the team with the worst defense”, yeah yeah yeah…whatever.

Do I believe we are back and headed for the playoffs this season?  Heck yeah!  Do I in my heart feel another Super Bowl calling our name, You Bet!  So far with a 3 and 0 record, we are off to a fabulous season and we are re-grouping, so BRING IT!  {sorry, can’t help myself with the smack talking}.

To get to the point of this…As I watch every weekend ESPN, the NFL Network, and Sports Center {isn’t this every husband’s dream}, I always check out the female sports reporters.  Come on guys, we know you love them.

Now that would be on my “dream bucket list”, what a fun job.   I totally want to do that as I can see myself on the sidelines interviewing and reporting on the game. Okay so maybe I am no Erin Andrews or Jillian Barberie {can’t believe they got rid of her}.  But hey, with a little makeup and a hair person, a few cue cards, heck I would totally have it down!

Back to reality, I am never going to be a “sports reporter” on the sidelines, but I will be at least one of a million women rooting on her fave team every week and hang with the boys in the fantasy leagues {winning by the way, yep going for the second win this season}.  I am a football addict and this is my story.

*Do you watch? Who is your favorite team? Are you a fantasy player?

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  1. Who Dat!!! Love me some Saints! And for college football…love my Auburn Tigers! War Eagle!

  2. I don’t watch football Lynda, but I could totally see you as a sportscaster! 🙂

  3. I love football and actually spectating baseball during the fall season too with playoffs! My favorite team has been the New England Patriots since I was a small child.

    • Pam I wish I could stand baseball enough to watch it LOL {I do enjoy our son’s baseball games though}…A Patriot Fan you are? I watch them just to see Tom Brady have his tantrums on the side lines LOL Good luck this season 🙂

  4. I LOVE the sounds of football in the house! I’m with your hubby though…more of a college football fan although I do watch NFL to follow my favorite college players. 😉 I’m heading to Napa on Friday for my very first time and am beyond excited! So glad to have come across your blog! You have a new follower! 🙂

    • Well welcome to my site 🙂 thank you so much for commenting and following…Your very first time to Napa? If you want to message me for any info or suggestions, feel free as I would love to help make your visit fun:)

  5. i’m not a big NFL fan and prefer college football but in my house we LIVE and BREATHE tennessee football! as my dad would say, my blood runs orange. i even continue to root for tennessee in women’s basketball despite having attended their arch rival in that sport, uconn!

    • I know Caitlin….I totally loved your post about your College game, that was awesome! When the college games are on here, my hubby wouldn’t notice a thing. I hear the stadiums are much louder than the NFL games.

  6. Funny- I posted today about my love for college football among people who love the pros. Although I’m a Patriots fan too- just not as dedicated as a University of Florida fan.

  7. Kate, football is in the air and I love that more women are getting into it 🙂

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