A Kickstarter That I Am Helping To Support

I am not sure how many of you out there have heard of Kickstarter, but it is a super cool way to get funding for creative projects.  I have supported a few kickstarters in the past and I personally think that anyone with creativity is pure genius. Check out the latest project that has been brought to my attention.

I was approached by my fellow SPA sisters {Sweat Pink/Fit Approach} founders Jamie and Alyse with the Namatse project.

NAMATSE….The first yoga mat hanging solution designed for yogis to make cleaning, drying, storing, and even displaying your mats a breeze! It is the first ever clip designed by San Francisco yogis for yogis that helps you keep your mat fresh, flat and clean.

Click this link to their kickstarter campaign and help support this program. Don’t we all want an easier way to care for our yoga mats? I know that I do as I hate bending over the bathtub to wash and then try to squeeze out my mat.  It is almost impossible to get it to dry.  I can’t wait to see this project go through and receive my Namatse.  YAY 

*NOTE* The amazing Yoga model in this video is Stephanie RIng Yoga and my partner for Fitnessmomwinecountry Wellness Weekends.



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  1. Kickstarter is such a good tool for measuring your market interest. It is also neat to see it’s many uses for raising money. This is one of those, why didn’t I think of this idea. Wish them lots of success!

  2. Awesome, love Namatse and so glad you are also supporting them Lynda! 🙂

  3. What a cool idea! Very awesome!!! Can’t wait for the production of this nifty little tool 🙂

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