My Proud Moment

Welcome to “Faith’s Corner“,   This is a category on my blog where our daughter will write, post and share whatever she feels like at the time.  I am sharing a paper she had to write for an assignment in one of her classes she was 8 years old when she did this event {she is in 6th grade}, the subject was “One Of Your Proudest Moments“.


“On your marks, get set, GO“!  When the buzzer went off I knew it was time to dive.  I dove off the block and into the water. The water was cold. I kicked my feet as hard as I could while doing the butterfly stroke, hearing the crowd around the pool, cheering all the swimmers on. I blocked out the sound and said to myself, “I can do it”. I came to the wall, turned then started my backstroke. I went fast, then I saw that the swimmer in the lane next to me was ahead so I tried to go faster.

Finally I came to the wall.  I turned again, then did the breast stroke.  My legs felt like they were out of gas.  I can hear the crowd again, even louder and cheering and I knew I must have been getting closer.  Then I started on my free style. I was FINALLY in the lead!  All of the sudden something terrible happened.  I hit my foot on the concrete wall so hard, that I was crying in the water, but that was not what really got me, I was now in last place.

I knew I was going to finish last, but I kept saying to myself, “I did my best that I could and my family knows that too”.  “So that is what matters the most”.  After I finished the race and got out of the pool, my mom, dad and brother Noah, were all standing there with my towel and saying how proud they were of me.

We went out for ice cream 🙂

This is one of the moments that I felt proud of myself.


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  1. Loved this! What a great essay and how wonderful she new her family would be proud. My daughter was a little fearful of water due to an incident, when she finally jumped off the diving board she jumped out of her fear and into a new found passion for swimming!

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thanks Melissa…Faith swam for about 4 years, then she took a “break” and has now picked up a soccer ball and is doing amazing according to her coach, he can’t believe she has never played before. I do hope she returns to the pool one day {maybe high school swim team} as I love watching her swim and she enjoyed it so much

  2. wonderful job and very nice writing.

  3. You should be proud 🙂 what a great essay 😉

  4. Kimberly Hooks says:

    Wow! Talk about understanding the true meaning of athletic competition. You daughter’s willingness to go the distance and finish even though she was faced with a hardship is what athletic competition is all about, it is what life is about. For your daughter to grasp that at such a young age is a blessing, and it says a lot about her character. Congratulations to your daughter for truly winning,
    Keep up the good work mom and dad!

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