We Are Amazing, We Are Moms…

This post came to me literally in the middle of the night {some time after 1:00 a.m. to be precise}.   I was sound asleep when I heard someone standing over me saying the words “mom, mom”.  I was not awake, nor were my eyes open, so I could not tell if was dreaming or if I wanted to wake because one of my children needed me.  I hear the words again, only this time I force my eyes open and I see the silhouette of Faith standing in my room.  Two reactions happen…one a quick, startling jump with a sense of fear and the other was the sense of urgency to get up quickly and see if she is okay.

“Mom, there is a mosquito flying around my head and I can hear him and can’t sleep”.  Okay as moms this is what we do…

Climb out of bed and tuck Miss Faith into my spot, making sure she is cozy and happy, kissing her on the forehead and dragging my tired body {while not forgetting to grab my bedside alarm clock, I will still need that} into her room and finding my way into her bed and around the stuffed animals.   Okay, this is what I am supposed to do.  Good night.

No, not goodnight…nope.  Faith has a fish tank in her room {not a fish bowl with a cute goldfish} a 10 gallon tank with 3 fish and a filter system.  The kind of system that keeps running all day and night to do its job.  Well when the water gets low in the tank, the filter water has a longer drop into the tank and it is heard.  Like a constant running of water from the tap, only not a dribble, but a run.  Mommy is NOT getting sleep tonight {1:30 a.m.}.

So this is how my post came to be.  I stayed in her bed all night and I listened to the filter from the tank {never heard a mosquito}, I looked around her room at all her wonderful things she had on her walls.  The night light was just bright enough, oh yes that.  Time to unplug it.  Totally dark and blankets up over my head and a pillow on top, I could still hear the sound.  How on earth does she sleep through this?

Mom, mother, warrior, queen of the home, rule maker, bed maker, laundry doer, puke wiper upper, pet feeder, meal maker, homework tasker, best friend, most annoying parent, car pooler, shoulder to cry on, lap to lay on…we can do this all day.  Our jobs are tireless, never ending no matter how old they get.  We are there for comfort, support, to give constructive criticism, to applaud, to inspire, to motivate, to push and test limits.  To be loyal and compassionate, to love unconditionally, to fight for, to stand up for, to protect, to guide, to hold tight when they need it, to let go when they need it.  To be role models and good examples.  We are the friend when on one is around, the enemy when they are angry at us. To not be perfect, but be the best we can be.  WE ARE AMAZING….WE ARE MOMS

  • We skip Nordstrom and head to Target
  • We eat standing at the sink while multi-tasking dinner and dishes
  • We read books and stories as they get older when they ask, because those moments are few and far between
  • We drop everything in an instance when we are needed
  • We skip showers or hair washing days {bathing at night has become the norm}
  • We buy generic
  • We do date night at home in order to make sure they have what they need first
  • We are budget masters
  • We watch the Disney Channel over and over
  • We play board games
  • We build Legos
  • We paint toenails and fingernails {only not our own}
  • We color
  • We do projects
  • We listen to more than one conversation at a time

  • We color with sidewalk chalk
  • We throw a ball
  • We shoot hoops
  • We build tents
  • We make hot chocolate and make sure to have the whipped cream on hand
  • We clean up after the dog
  • We clean the fish tank
  • We give up our space in the bed
  • We stay awake all night when they are sick
  • We hold them when they cry
  • We laugh out loud with them
  • We throw a ball
  • We shoot hoops
  • We hold their hands {or make them still hold ours}
  • We hug them {even in front of their friends}
  • We are the loudest cheerleaders when they are playing sports
  • We laugh when they fart {just like they do}
  • We dance and sing along when playing the Wii
  • We fix it when it’s broken
  • We make different meals when they don’t want the same one
  • We wait sometimes too long to hear from them when they are grown and living far away

Good job Moms…keep it up, we are united as one and we are a special group of women.  From me to you.



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  1. We are the super heroes of our homes! We keep it running like a well oiled machine!! Great post momma!!! 😉

  2. This is fantastic and it made me all teary eyed. Sometimes I am stressed and tired – but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  3. It’s a good reminder. Sometimes I miss being needed like I was when she was little bitty.

  4. Great post, as always I think of things I should be doing more of (like baking 🙁 I did think you didn’t hear that Mosquitos because he was probably dining on your arm…lol 😉

    Love to read other moms stories, it is a club like no other!

  5. Great post, that’s exactly it! We used to have another life before our first one! Even if sometimes I think we had no life!

  6. Love this! Yay mommies!!

  7. Love this post and the photos of your beautiful family

  8. Great, beautiful post. So true.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

  9. This made me tear up! You hit it right on the head!
    Thank you for linking up to #throwbackthursdaylinkup
    Angel recently posted…Throwback Thursday 2014 – 4/24/14My Profile

  10. Yes, we are pretty amazing, aren’t we? Thanks for the reminder. Go moms!
    Michelle recently posted…Link’n Blogs Linky Party #22 (I’m guest hosting!)My Profile

  11. Yes we are!!!! Great Post!! It’s one I want to read over and over again. Thank you! 🙂
    Pam McCormick recently posted…5 Gifts of Life I have learned from my 4 year old Pre-ballerinasMy Profile

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