My Emotional Turkey Trot

This past weekend was rather special as I was able to run the First Annual Napa Valley Turkey Trot 5k event which supported the Salvation Army.  I was very pleased to have been given two race tickets {one for Miss Faith and myself}.

The morning started out a bit chilly, but amazing for a November day in the wine country.  This particular day was special as we went as a family.  My hubby and son watching and cheering us on, while I was able to run with our daughter.  Faith and I have done a Color Run together, but this was different.  There was a special “something” about this run with her.  Maybe it was because it was her first timed race with me, maybe it was watching her excitement as we got close to the start time, maybe it was her telling me to “keep up” and not slow her down {that’s my gal, be competitive}, maybe it was the feeling I had inside me that thought “wow, our little girl is growing up and we have something in common”, maybe it was the proud feeling I had that I have been a good role model so far and she is wanting to embrace life and try new things, OR maybe it was just hormones and me being a sappy mom.

Whatever the case, I LOVED this run.  What a great family event for anyone.  There were walkers, kids, runners, families, dogs on leashes and even baby strollers.  We were to bring donations of canned food for the Salvation Army and the event was a 50’s style-themed event.  Everything from a pink cadillac, to a singing Elvis, some oldies but goodies for music and of course the Turkey.

Some folks loved getting into the race by showing up in costume.  I wish I were that clever.

Faith and I had great numbers for our race bibs, 13 and 14.  I love the number 3 so I was super jazzed about my number {no bad luck here}.

Since this was the first annual event for Napa, the crowd was not too large, but hopefully as they continue this will grow.

Having a blast and loving life.   It did not take long after this picture for Miss Faith to take the lead.

I remember stopping to walk twice and seeing Faith slow down to look back made my heart melt.  After my second stop to walk off a small cramp, I told our daughter to go ahead, just go for it and do it.  “Faith this is your race too, take it and run with it, run….GO Faith GO”.  Off she went and I picked up my pace again in hopes to keep her in sight {I knew she would be okay since daddy was at the finish line}.  I got as far as I could and was able to see Faith turn the corner towards the balloons, I knew the finish was approaching soon.  I also felt the tears well up in my eyes as she disappeared around that corner, tears of a proud mom.  My heart was overcome with a huge warmth and I wanted to get to her as fast as I could, I wanted to see our daughter finish this on her own.

I made it to the last approach before the finish line and looked across the field from me {I knew she was on the other side, since I had not seen her in front of me}.  There she was, her gray sweatshirt and her long striped socks, layered over her black leggings.  She was doing it and she was on fire.  Seriously as I was running, all I could do was keep watching the other side of the field and I am yelling the words “GO FAITH, YOU GOT THIS” as loud as one mom could.  I could see her literally speed up and just pass anyone near her, she was on a mission and she was determined to compete with herself.  She was beautiful. 

I was not too far behind…

Doesn’t every kid want a doughnut after their race?

I am very grateful and blessed for my family, for my health, for the opportunities that come my way.

Thank you to Napa Valley Turkey Trot we are looking very forward to next year’s event.  I want to give a shout out to BAMR Bands, as they are the headbands that both Faith and I have on our heads.  These are very comfy and stay on without slipping during workouts or runs.


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  1. Lynda, this post brought tears to my eyes! So happy for you and Faith to share something so special together. Congrats!

  2. How wonderful your daughter will run with you! Great photos capturing the moments 🙂

    • I used to ask our oldest son to run with me when he was in High School, but he would not. I guess that was not cool, but Faith is perfect for this and my hubby is awesome at going along and taking the pics 🙂 Good thing he loves me LOL

  3. Sounds like you guys had a blast! Great post lynda!!

  4. Fiona Fayker says:

    Sounds like you both had a fab time, it brought tears to my eyes too!

  5. Love how you are sharing your life with your kids. Just beautiful.

  6. Such a beautiful post! Congrats to her on her first timed race! My toddler has done a fun run with her dad and me, but I hope in the future she will want to run a timed race with her momma!

    And yes my turkey trot is Thursday morning. 🙂

  7. Tammy Copenhaver says:

    Love love this! Brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. I still remember the first time I was able to run with oldest… what a feeling. There is nothing like participating in these types of events with your kids! Congrats!

    Our whole family will be participating on our local Turkey Trot… we have done it for several years now – it is tradition!


    And it makes me so happy to hear how happy you are that you love when your daughter joins you on runs. It makes me feel like maybe my mom is happy/proud of me when I tag along with her on adventures! 🙂

  9. I love doing races with my kiddos. We have done 3 5ks now and they are old pros at 6 and 8 yrs old. One was through the zoo and our turkey trot is in Parrot Jungle, another zoo like park here in Miami. They are so excited they don’t mind waking up early to go do it 🙂 It has been one of the best things to be able to involve my kids in races and other fitness related events!

  10. Nice! It really seems like you had a lot of fun!

  11. Aw, this just made my heart melt and what’s that wet stuff in my eye 😉 so sweet, what a great race for you both. Love all the photos!!

  12. How nice to be able to share that with your daughter! Very cute pic of you two hugging 🙂

    My boyfriend and I do runs together but we don’t have any planned for the holidays. It’s a great way to bring families together though!

    • I am going to take time to make a “wish list” for my runs next year and hope I can do them all or as many as possible Whitney 🙂 I can’t believe how tall our daughter is next to me, or just how short I am LOL

  13. That is so sweet you got to experience this together. I saw so many families out running together when I did my race. It was lovely to see

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