Family Weekend, College Football and Hugh Grant Dancing

We had such a nice Thanksgiving and by Saturday, I found myself just sort of wiped out.  We still had our son visiting from Santa Barbara and while I was catching up on laundry and cleaning, my hubby and the three kids were able to go out and throw the football around and shoot some hoops.  It wasn’t until they returned home to watch some college football games {wow way to end a game Auburn} that I decided to go through the DVD drawer and pick some faves and head upstairs to snuggle in watch some movies.

Nothing like a hot cup of tea for me and hot chocolate for Miss Faith, a big bowl of popcorn {we make ours on the stove, the old school way in a large pot} and some cozy blankets.  Time to start the movies…which one, which one?

In no particular order, I have listed some of my holiday faves…

  • Love Acutally
  • The Holiday
  • Something’s Gotta Give
  • Bridget Jones Diary {both}
  • The Family Stone
  • Indiscreet
  • The Bells of St. Mary’s
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Serendipity
  • Charlie Brown Christmas
  • It’s A Wonderful Life
  • The Christmas Story

I love this scene from Love Actually, every time I watch this, I want to get up and get my groove on with Hugh Grant

The ending scene in Serendipity…do you not have goose bumps and tears in your eyes?

Something’s Gotta Give…I can’t just pick one scene {come on Jack and Diane} how great are these two?

Family Stone…This entire movie gets me every time…

A Christmas Story…Seriously, I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU! Have we not tried sticking out tongues to something cold?  Come on, yes we have {okay maybe me}

It’s A Wonderful Life…Enough Said

I am a huge Ingrid Bergman fan and anything with Cary Grant is always on my must watch list.  I am a sucker for old movies.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s…this movie is my number one go to fave movie to watch on a winter morning.  Who doesn’t want to stand in front of Tiffanys in a black dress and tiara with coffee and scone at breakfast time?

Did I stay in bed to watch all of these movies?  Heck no, but I have them sitting out to get through them in the next few weeks.  Sure I have an entire list of faves to go through, but you the idea. 


Enjoy, Lynda


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  1. First of all, we are totally soul sisters <3 love these movies!! Nothing gets better than watching hugh grant get his groove on 🙂 but I totally would have added white Christmas 😉 and omitted a Christmas story lol my husband loves that movie and as tradition we have to have it on during its marathon run on Christmas Eve ;( but I love this post 😉 how fun 😉

  2. Love your list. I’m a softy for Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins this time of year. Reminds me of movies I watched as a kid around this time.

  3. UMMMMMMMMMM do you remember saying that we would have so much fun hanging out? WELL THIS POST CONFIRMS IT BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE MOVIES ARE MY FAVORITES!!!!!!!! Love Actually, OMG I remember the first time I saw that movie – it made me get goosebumps! The Holiday, SWOON! Bridget is a straight up classic….. Something’s Gotta Give – LOVEEE Even if Jack N. shows his BOOOOTAYYY! OMG I want to watch all of these right now! I am especially craving the Holiday right now! 😀

  4. Love it’s a Wonderful Life, must admit some of the others I haven’t seen. That was quite the finish in the Auburn game! What a fun post.

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