Our Perfect Kind of Tree

Every year at the same time, we get our tree.  My hubby’s birthday falls after the first week of December and we have our family ritual.  This is our scheduled time each year that we calendar and keep {sort of like an appointment} only this is much more fun, this is more like a family date night.

As usual we head out on a weekend and we love going to the tree lot in the evening {we started a bit earlier this year}.  The day is planned out, we make the space, move furniture out of the way and clear the path around and near the door {in hopes to make a smooth entrance once we arrive home}.  We bake some slice and bakes {cookies} they can’t be homemade, that would be an epic fail and we make sure the hot cocoa and marsh mellows are stocked and ready to go when we arrive home with our fresh, tall, dark and green and oh so wonderful smelling guest.

Bundled up and ready to head out, just enough light rain to make the journey just more winter-like.  Here we are….the tree lot, the same one we visit each year.  Okay, everyone spread out and meet up in the middle.  Take a look around, make some choices.  I love seeing the kids take off {even at this age} and dart in and out amongst the trees, yes even knocking a few over {oopps}.


The bantering back and forth amongst the four of us is comical and I am almost positive the other few families around are amused, since I see them laughing right along with us as we are shouting from one end of the lot to another, and trying to weave in and out of trees looking for one another.  “This one”, “over here”.  “No mom”, “come see this one”, “get dad”.  “Dad, where are you”?  “Mom said no, too far out of budget”.  “Don’t listen to mom”, “I know our budget”.  “Hey kids, I like this one”.  “Really mom”? “Really”?  This goes on for what seems like forever OR at least until it gets dark.

Darn I have forgotten my gloves AND have forgotten my grab and go cup of hot coffee.  This is really a long night!  However, I stop worrying about how cold my hands are and the fact that I don’t have my coffee.  I instead just listen.  I listen and then I take in a deep breath, a long deep breath and I am overcome with so much joy.  The joy that I have my family right here with me, they are laughing, they are bickering, they are running in gravel and mud and getting wet.  They are happy and healthy and I am so blessed.  Honestly, I don’t care what tree we get, I never do.  I just nod my head and smile, “whatever you like family”, “you pick, it looks good to me”.

Looks like a winner.  I think we have found it.  Now let’s get home, we have some decorating to do and some hot cocoa to make.

The kids are showered and warm in their snuggles, my hubby is in the kitchen whipping up a batch of homemade corn chowder {yes, he just whips it right up and knows it is one of my fave soups}.  I have just finished stringing the lights on the tree and Miss Faith is pulling out the ornaments from the box, unwrapping each one from the tissue paper from the previous year.  This is where my job ends.  I don’t know if it is that fact that I am older or just maybe tired.  I don’t fret over the tree like years past.  I don’t hover over the kids and move ornaments around the tree to place in perfect symmetry.  I don’t cringe if parts of the tree are tightly grouped together with an over crowding of ornaments.

No, I just sit back on the couch, listen to the holiday music and enjoy that cup of {now cold, and re-heated} coffee I left on the counter and watch the kids create the magic.

Daddy can take direction from Miss Faith as to where to place the last of the ornaments near the top of the tree and add the star once done.  All is good here in our home, all is merry and bright.

Enjoy, Lynda

*Do you let your kids do the tree yet?  Are you like I was and have to be in control of the ornament placing?  Do you have a fave tree decorating ritual?



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  1. Sounds like a great family tradition 🙂 we have yet to put the ornaments on the tree. We are waiting for our oldest to come home from the army to decorate! I love hearing the conversations the boys have about each of their ornaments! Makes my heart warm 🙂

  2. My kids also love when we go pick our tree in the woods and cut it! It’s such a nice tradition.

  3. I am obsessed with this ritual! I hope that when I have a husband/family I will have rituals like this! I remember when I was little we used to get HUGE TREES! I don’t remember where they came from, but I remember watering them and having so much fun decorating them. Now we just have a fake tree that we decorate with very pretty decorations, but we do have to set it up so that takes up – it’s our new tradition. However, this year we don’t actually have to set up the tree because my mom actually NEVER TOOK IT DOWN from last year, LOL! She just took off the decorations! AH ha ha!

  4. That corn chowder looks delicious!!

    I love how pretty your tree looks! I also love how you are more relaxed now about how it looks and letting the kids decorate it how they like 🙂 We can’t get a real tree in our apartment as it is too small so we have a tiny fake one that you can’t even hang decorations on as it has LED lights on it.

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