Sonoma Has A New Barre

So it looks like we Sonoma has its very own Pure Barre Studio.  What does this mean?  Well for starters, we are catching up with the trend.  I know that I personally am super jazzed because I have always wanted to know just what the buzz was all about, since I have read and followed so many fitness gals from all over who seem to love this particular workout.  Before I even go on, I have a confession to make, I really never knew exactly how this was pronounced, so upon meeting Meg {the studio’s owner}, I had to right away just come out and ask, “is it Pure {Bar-Ray} or is it Pure {Bar}.  The latter is the appropriate. Okay we have that out of the way.

2013-12-05 12.46.06Back to the beginning.  When I had heard the doors were opened to the new studio, I could not wait to go right in and introduce myself and ask a million questions.  I was met right away with some of the young and very pleasant staff.  I could feel the energy just bouncing off the walls.  I just stopped and stood in the middle of the room chatting and staring at all the amazing work that was done in the space.  Imagine Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music standing out in the middle of the field {you know that scene} with her arms out singing “The Hills Are Alive….” and spinning around, well yes that was me only I was not singing, but I was taking in every detail from the sock basket {Pure Barre has their own grip socks} to the awesome lines of yoga/workout wear they were carrying, to the dark floors and even the super cool bench seating.  Seriously,  I was just drawn to it all and the pop of the red “P” on the logo just topped it all off.

2013-12-05 01.34.36

There is a reason they have “grip” socks…
I figured that out after sliding across the carpet my first class

2013-12-05 01.36.06

This place is just yummy inside and what a great seating area to want to stay and have something warm to drink on a cold winter day

2013-12-05 01.31.36So what next?  I must try this out and take some classes.  I have no expectations as I have never even tried Pure Barre. After reading up on this and talking with Meg and the other instructors it seems the best way I can describe this type of class would be a simple explanation as a sort of “standing up Pilates class, combined with {if you are a dancer} similar ballet type moves/positions all while using the bar as your guide.  Okay that is the average gals description.  If you were to dig deep and go further you could check out “techniques” at the Pure Barre site.

In an hour class of interval training, you are working everything from head to toe.  This non-impact workout has this mom sweating like no one’s business.  I am a regular boot camp goer and I thought “no problem“, “piece of cake” as I was grabbing for the 3lb hand weights we use in the first part of the class.  I was surprised and shocked at just how wrong I was.  The movements in Pure Barre are just so different than say a cross fit or boot camp class. This class uses both mat and bar for movements and each one of them {if done correctly is very effective for toning and building a strong core}.

2013-12-10 18.58.47

Don’t let this little red ball fool you.
Sure it’s cute, but what a “burn” you get when doing these moves

2013-12-05 01.40.23 2013-12-05 01.40.08 Is there a burn?  Heck yeah there is!  Is it easy peasy? Heck no it’s not!  I have only taken four classes as of now and I am just starting to get the understanding of the moves.  The class is high pace, quick moving with a good tempo. The music is awesome and keeps your mind off the burn {yeah right, who am I kidding}?   Each instructor is different in her own way, the personalities are all different and in turn makes each class like a new experience.  Not one class is ever really the same.  The format is pretty similar though, so you can kind of know what is coming next.  I like that as I am learning, because I am a visual and need to have the repetitive in order to catch on.

2013-12-17 00.03.38

No Lynda, pay attention….we don’t swing on the bars

2013-12-05 01.37.55

Instructors in training

I have come across some familiar faces and some new faces in class.  Class sizes vary as I am sure it just depends on the time of day. The studio is clean and fresh, a very simple yet attractive look {less is more} type of thing.

2013-12-05 01.32.03 2013-12-05 01.39.27 2013-12-16 22.49.022013-12-16 22.51.30

Enjoying a little “down time” before it’s “go time”

I plan on completing a months’ worth of classes and am very excited to see a difference in my body.  Is this going to be my new full time workout? I am not sure yet as I am still testing the waters.  Do I love it so far?  Yes, yes I do.  This is a great thing for Sonoma, we need more outlets for women {I have yet to see a man in a class}.  I am a firm believer that good and positive energy comes from exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  Women supporting one another in their journey to be the best they can individually be is so important and I am hoping that this quaint little studio will play a role in that.

2013-12-16 23.59.50 2013-12-17 00.01.45Thank you to Meg and Pure Barre Sonoma for the opportunity to join this “family”.  Although I receive a month’s class, the opinions in this blog are strictly my own.  I think it is worth coming in and checking out Pure Barre and seeing if this is something that would be right for you.  I know that just one class won’t do, so keep at it and see what you think.

Enjoy, Lynda

 Have you tried Pure Barre?  Have you done other methods of Barre?  Do you have anything like this in your area?  Do you tend to tear up when your workout burns so bad you just want to scream?

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  1. I would love to try this! We will have to see when it comes to the Midwest and then smaller towns…unlikely. The studio is beautiful, I’d love to have a Pilates studio with that same look.
    Melissa recently posted…Comment on The Competition of Motherhood by MelissaMy Profile

  2. I have taken a few bar classes in my day. There was only ONE that I actually liked and felt like I was getting a work out in. All the rest I just felt like it was a joke and I was an uncoordinated monkey who just entered an animal circus. SO I have since gone back! LOL! Pilates is more of my thing, but I am GLAD YOU ENJOYED 😀
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Check Out My Meat… Loaf That Is!My Profile

    • Gigi I totally get the uncoordinated point, I am still trying to figure this out and the place is still very new to town as so are the freshly trained instructors. So I think a learning curve is still in place for everyone. After the few classes though I am seeing a difference in my core so we shall see after the month 🙂
      Fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…Sonoma Has A New BarreMy Profile

  3. Sounds like cool stuff! I don’t think we have it over here in the UK….YET!
    Considerer recently posted…Read, Write, Listen…AbsorbMy Profile

  4. Pure Barre has been in my city for a while now. I have heard really great things about it. I may have to pop in and give a class a try. Thanks for giving me some insight!
    mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy recently posted…Body image and that damned scaleMy Profile

  5. I’m so excited Pure Barre has come to Sonoma! I’ve tried some other barre clases before, and they are a great workout. I’ve got a few free passes to PB Sonoma, and I’m just waiting until after I have my baby to go try them out! Thanks for the insight and review! 🙂
    Abbey recently posted…An Afternoon at the ParkMy Profile

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