Let’s Do Eight Weeks Of Pure Barre

In case you did not know, I am a Pure Barre fan and have completed my first month of this workout a few weeks ago.  Which brings me to the next stage…the next 8 weeks.  I am sharing my journey and there will tears, sweat, burning legs, fired up thighs and heavy tucking going on.  So with that said and out of the way, let me start… PURE BARRE is

  • It is my bodies new fave workout
  • It is trendy and hip
  • It is warm inside the studio {I have spent the last year and half outdoors, so this is a nice change}
  • I don’t need to carry any equipment with me
  • I get to wear flip flops to class {because we slip right into socks}
  • I don’t have to bundle myself in hats, gloves, scarves, thermals
  • I don’t have a long drive {seriously, I could actually jog or walk to classes if I were really motivated}
  • The instructors are adorable
  • Everyone is friendly and excepting of one another {even when you think you recognize a face but not sure who they are}
  • Everyone stops and “re-groups” their bodies or form because …well because the moves “burn” like crazy and we are all in the same boat
  • I have more reasons, but this is good for now

I am now past my first month of Pure Barre classes and have moved into the 60 Day Challenge period.  This is going to be a week by week process and I am looking forward to sharing.

Let’s re-cap Pure Barre shall we?  So we know it is a full body workout that incorporates Pilates, ballet on the barre, Yoga and uses the smallest {seriously, when the instructor says dime size movement, she means it} of movements.  Our bodies get to the point of fatigue, shaking and burning.  Remember these are “good” things.  We will always have the same format in every class, mixed up with a “twist” here and there depending on the instructor.  Basically, if we have been attending classes we know what is coming, which is great for me as I tend to get “lost” in a glossed over daze at times when the burn is too much.

We have our warm up {don’t even be fooled by this} I have literally felt my face get hot while on the ground during this time and have found myself fighting with my outer top to get if off me as quick as possible as I feel the heat moving through my body like a furious hot flash just getting ready to erupt.  From there we are moving quickly to arms {note to self or anyone} I have found that although I can use the 5 lb weights, I prefer the 3 lbs because that particular workout is more intense and isolated with the lighter weight, therefore getting more out of it.  I have to remember this is Pure Barre and I am not lifting in this class.  Arms will takes us to the barre and holy hot legs, it starts.  These will normally be about three different moves and each one just burns, honestly on fire.  I tell myself as I hear the instructor say {“on our toes, like we are wearing the highest pair of heels”}, “Lynda you pansy, put on your big girl pants and do this”, then the other side of my head says something like “I don’t really wear high heels, so I should stay at flip flop level”.  From that point we have the seat, you know the booty, the pure barre ledge work. This is one of my faves because when you get to be my age, you want that booty up and off from the back of the knees and looking as perky as possible, so Lift, Tone and Burn away.  And we have abs and who doesn’t want to work on that muffin top?  I can handle these exercises probably the most only because I have always been able to maintain somewhat of a “good and toned” tummy area.  However, since menopause has arrived {thanks to the changing hormones and the darn food cravings} this mom is finding it a bit more difficult to keep that muffin top at bay.

We are the point of class when the lights go dim and we are almost at the cool down portion,  but wait one last chance to work the booty.  We get into our bridge position and I can feel myself exhale everything out of me, but then immediately get into my “I want to bust a move” mode when the instructor hits the play button and the remix version of Wild Thing comes blasting into the room.  My inner soul sister is just screaming to break out and dance!

And finally we cool down.   This is when I am really glad I made it to class. Sure I have my bad days, or I am really distracted by other things in my life going on and it makes it difficult to focus on the workout.  OR maybe I am feeling super bloated one day and when that happens everything is just off.  I mean who wants to get dressed in their black leggings and workout tops and stand in a room full of other women and stare at yourself in a mirror for an hour while feeling like your stomach is a large as a beach ball and you just want to let all the air out of it. {Yep, speaking from experience, like just the other night}.

I have done week one of the eight weeks and so far so good.  I am making a goal for myself to “take it up a notch” {pure barre lingo} and challenge myself when we are doing certain moves.  Maybe stay longer in the thigh workout on the barre and stop comparing myself to others.

I love still seeing new faces in class and it is really great to start up conversations with others while waiting for class to start.  I find that I am not the only one with questions about our moves and I am not the only one who thinks she is doing something wrong, or not the only one who is hungry during the middle of the workout.

*There is much more to chat about, but to save for another post.  Until then, are you Lifting, Toning and Tucking?  Are you doing the 60 Day Challenge?  How far have you gotten?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and become part of the Pure Barre community.   I am looking very forward to the next few weeks.

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  1. I LOVEEEEEEE that you’re loving BARRE! I remember when you started a few weeks ago, you were a little skeptical, but look at you now! In a few more weeks you’re going to start teaching classes!! 😉
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Banish Your Kryptonite!My Profile

  2. I have done Lotte Berk method which is a form of Barre, I incorporate some of these as well as a few yoga poses into my classes to get the best of all of these practices. I like that you are loving it. My area is very behind on all of the trends so we will see it in about five years here 🙂
    Melissa recently posted…Pilates Explore Your Core WorkoutMy Profile

  3. I do barre but another variety – Barre3 since that’s what is nearby to my office. I’m really curious about Pure Barre though!
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted…Disney Glass Slipper Challenge 30 Day Countdown Quiz!My Profile

  4. You’ll probably think I live under a rock, but this was the first time I have heard about the Pure Barre program, I’m a bit intrigued! Sounds like a really fun experience! Glad I found you blog today!
    Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Runner Spotlight Let Me Introduce MichelleMy Profile

    • Kristy, thank you for heading over and I hope you stay and follow my 8 weeks..I am new to Pure Barre also {just this last month} and I am really “getting” it and truly enjoy it. I can’t wait to see what the 8 weeks will do to my body LOL

  5. Ahh! Loving it how you explained this since I have been curious about this class. I lift weights and this sounds so much less intrusive but yet, with results!! Going to google classes near my area!!
    Congrats on making it through!!!


  6. Classes seem to be fun! Very nice pictures too!
    simply called food recently posted…Soup of the week: Carrot and parsnip curry soupMy Profile

  7. Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am loving my Barre workouts too!
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy recently posted…Fend off sickness with doTERRAMy Profile

  8. That is awesome, great job on your first 8 weeks. I have heard nothing but great things about Barre, I really want to try it once I am done with my marathon training!
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…It’s my blog post…I’ll cry if I want toMy Profile

  9. I’ve never tried Barre but it sounds like an awesome workout!
    Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream recently posted…Running, Why Do You Do It?My Profile

  10. Isn’t it so exciting when you find something that you really love? It definitely keeps you motivated to keep going and such a good thing for you body.
    mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy recently posted…It’s Official. Doing a Whole30My Profile

  11. I continue to hear nothing but great things about Pure Barre! There’s a studio near our house that I’d love to try, just wish the classes weren’t so $$$.
    Allison @ Life’s a Bowl recently posted…Favorite Finds: Greatist is the GreatestMy Profile

  12. I can so relate to this post! Isn’t it crazy how FAST you start to heat up once your body understands what you are doing? I used to get so flushed during the warmup and I would think “man, I could just stop right here and this would be a better workout than I ever got at the gym!” I loooooved barre classes, but had to stop when I became a stay at home mom, and subsequently became broke, lol. Thanks for sharing your experience, it was a nice walk down memory lane for me! 🙂

  13. Love this! Just did my first class yesterday and super motivated!

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