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Another week has passed and another Pure Barre  update on my “journey”.  If you have seen or read anything about Pure Barre, you know that the “Shake” is a very common {and important}  word used amongst Barre goers.  No, I am not talking about stepping up to the front desk and ordering some sort of smoothie/shake.  I am talking about the uncontrollable, vibrating motion of our legs as we are at standing at the Barre.  No need to panic or be embarrassed of the Shake, in fact you are supposed to be shaking.  I look around the room all the time and see women doing the same thing {yes you can see each other shake, because it is such an intense tremble}.  Thighs, calves and even the booty depending on the position we are in.

Okay, I am deep into it at this point and my head is usually all over the place thinking of the next move, thinking please count faster, thinking don’t stop, you’ve got this.  Then I hear the instructor then say something like “sink lower”, “just an inch”, “pulse”, “hold”, “freeze” and then reminds us to “re-tuck”, {that is key}.  Always keep form, in fact I am constantly checking my “tuck” as form is much more important than how low I can go, or how long I can hold.

Having “less rebound”, another term we hear in class {meaning we need to eliminate the rebound in our movements} this is also done by doing the smallest of moves.  Pure Barre is ALL about small, small moves.  Bigger is NOT better in this case.  Find your comfort place and work that, then opt to go further next time all while staying small.  This is going to give the muscles the best results.

Here is The Shake via Pure Barre…

Why Does My Body Shake?

“When your body shakes, it means your muscles are reaching the point of fatigue, which is a good thing! Your goal is to have the muscle group you are targeting during a specific section of class shake every time. After the shake, you will stretch, to elongate the muscles while they are warm and malleable. This leads to long, lean muscle”.


I have reached a point personally where I am now able to go a bit lower and go higher on my toes.  I am never afraid to stop and re-group my body as this is not a competition with each other in class.  This all about me, my own body and its own limits.  Do I want to shed a tear once in a while, do I feel the sweat in the middle of my back, do I blank out once in a while and get lost in thought {usually about food}…Heck yes I do!  Listen I have given birth to three children and I remind myself of that when I need to get through the pain and feeling of fire running up and down my legs.  Can I handle it? Yes, however there are no “epidurals” around here, just good old fashioned toughing it out.

I am loving the classes and having the Pure Barre studio open in Sonoma is perfect.  The location could not be better as it is right next door to Whole Foods {great for heading over after class for a tea}.  The community here is a small one, but they are really embracing the new workout.  I still see new faces every so often or I hear that someone is taking a class for their first time.

Looking forward to seeing what this week will bring for me and how many classes I can fit in.

*Do you ever get distracted in the middle of a workout?  Does you mind just wander off somewhere?  Are you finding yourself looking around the room at others to see if you are all doing the same?

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  1. I always hope o get distracted during a workout. I usually check my form and try to get my mind to wander a bit, just so I don’t even think of stopping. Barre sounds so interesting – I had only heard of it recently and I’m intrigued!
    Kristin recently posted…{Healthy} Tips and Tricks Tuesday #23My Profile

  2. I just started taking barre classes and it’s a great combo with my running!! Love it!
    Laura Fine recently posted…Move Nourish Believe Challenge! Join Us!My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing that with me Laura, I have been really wanting to incorporate the two together and my “running” has taken a nose dive since last September…I think both together would be wonderful

  3. The shake LOL I just did one of the P90X3 workouts yesterday and it felt like every muscle was shaking. It made me laugh 🙂 I’m not easily distracted. I could be the only person in a room full of people…in my head.

    I would love to try a barre class!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted…Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe ChallengeMy Profile

  4. I’m so jealous of everyone who has barre studios opening around them! The downside to living in a small rural town I guess. I do get very distracted during classes and workouts. My mind definitely wanders and I like to look around.
    Courtney @The TriGirl Chronicles recently posted…Pay It ForwardMy Profile

  5. I get the shake when I do some yoga poses, I really enjoy that feeling! HA! I don’t get too distracted, usually I am in a zone or watching tv and don’t see anyone else in the gym. I really want to try Barre, I have to do it after my marathon training is over and I can focus more on other forms of exercise.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…The Sun Wine FestMy Profile

  6. Cute graphics, I’m always thinking about food when I work out!
    Great job on trying something new. 🙂
    Sarah @ How My World Runs recently posted…January Jumpstart Day 28: Currently + a few giveawaysMy Profile

  7. I am the QUEEN of distracted lol! That’s probably why I do not like doing group classes – because I look around at EVERYONE ELSE… And then I think about brunch! LOL!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…This Recipe is a Touch Down!My Profile

  8. I just started barre in January and love it! It hurts so good!

  9. So glad you are having so much fun in your workout!!! Love the idea of it being right next door to Whole Foods (I would go broke) LOL
    Heather @floridafitnessmom recently posted…Motivate Me Monday: 1/27My Profile

  10. I get the shake when I ski sometimes!!! 🙂
    simply called food recently posted…Mini gluten free breadsMy Profile

  11. I love the shake, don’t you? In fact I place exercises in Pilates together in order to get to that point.

    I don’t zone out as much as I get in a zone. I normally look pretty serious or antisocial because I am doing my thing. When I teach I am focused…unless someone makes me laugh 😉
    Melissa recently posted…The Awkward StageMy Profile

  12. I have just started doing Barre once a week and I thought I was crazy for all the shaking I’m doing. I started Googling and stumbled on this post and feel so relieved! I’m excited, I feel that it’s going to take my fitness and my running in a new direction!
    Jill Will Run recently posted…Book ListMy Profile

    • Oh Jill, I am so glad you found this and me:) Yes, I have been doing Pure Barre for a few months now {about 4 days a week} and I am always shaking, in fact as the body gets used to the moves, we take ourselves a bit further to find the “shake” again. 🙂 I have just signed up for the entire year and am looking forward to my body changing….I hope you will enjoy more of my Pure Barre stories:)

      • I am definitely looking forward to reading more about your journey. I have done just one day a week of it the past couple weeks. As soon as it stops making me incredibly sore I will bump it up to two! LOL!
        Jill Will Run recently posted…Book ListMy Profile

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