Last I Checked This Wasn’t A Diner

I think I have officially spoiled my children {and possibly husband}.  Do I get up every morning and make breakfast and pack lunches?  I do.  Do I mind?  I don’t.  Is it just part of being a mom.  After all, isn’t it listed in the mommy manual as just one of the many jobs we have?

So when did me preparing meals, turn into me actually serving them?  I know I am in the kitchen and I see the food cooking, the house is filled with aromas of food.  I am pouring juice, pulling out place mats, grabbing napkins, utensils and at the same time I am making  my under the breath heavy sigh {the one that is just loud enough to get their attention} the one that has them look over at me from the table, the one that pulls their attention from the Disney Channel {yes they still watch that} and jump up to give me assistance, but without me having to harp on them.  Yeah.

I don’t know if it is the fact that I am always wearing an apron, or that I have been so great at taking care of them, that they just turn into robot children and place themselves at the table and zone out.  Let’s add on to the fact, that some mornings consist of me having to fill out forms or sign permission slips {because oopps they forgot to give them to me the night before} and heaven help that while I am now starting to burn something, my dear husband, my best friend, the most amazing guy, is just sitting with them glued to whatever they have on the t.v. or checking the latest news on his phone.  Helloooo, a little help please!

I am not complaining {okay not much} I am so grateful and I know how blessed we are, I truly do.  But last I checked this was not a diner and I don’t have a name tag on calling me Alice {or Flo, Fran, Pearl, Madge}.  I do however happen to have the “open” sign we found at a garage sale and use in the backyard for summer parties.  Hmmm, I wonder if they would notice this in the kitchen.


*Do your kids have a favorite breakfast meal?  Do you make lunches the night before?  Do your kids watch t.v. while eating breakfast?

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  1. Love this Lynda, I know I am in the minority but I hate dinner time, no one eats except me and my husband is never home for it.

    My daughter loves oatmeal and my son is extremely picky so its normally toast :/
    and since my daughter can get distracted easily I put on the TV but its whatever my son likes. Such a mean mom I am 😉
    Melissa recently posted…The 4 Things Losing Weight Won’t Give YouMy Profile

  2. I had to make pasta for Faith this morning, while Noah wanted waffles, with syrup and whipped cream…LOL I found myself standing at the sink with the can of cream over my mouth and shooting some in {needed a fix} LOL
    Fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…Last I Checked This Wasn’t A DinerMy Profile

  3. Omg Lynda I used to feel that way, now that it is just one more child at home it’s pretty laid back lol I love the photos from the awesome old shows!! <3
    Heather @floridafitnessmom recently posted…Where I buy my seeds for my garden! Local ReviewMy Profile

  4. My kids are 8, 4, and 2. My daughter is the only one who needs a lunch packed and does it herself the day before. I used to do the main dish and she’d throw in sides, but she does it all herself now so that’s good.

    Breakfast? I’m like an all-you-can-eat restaurant sometimes and it’s tough since I need to get ready for work and head out on my long commute. They often do watch Mickey Mouse and stuff like that at the kids’ table while they eat, but not all the time.
    Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?! recently posted…Glass Slipper Challenge Costume PlanningMy Profile

  5. Hey, I can’t answer any of your questions, BUT I do have a recommendation for you – Chris did a really really good blog post about this kind of thing – check it out –
    Considerer recently posted…Is this reprieve? Or torture? Send in the Lifeboats!My Profile

  6. *grinning* I had to laugh at this (with you!) because I can so relate, and can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “I’m not a short-order cook!”

    Breakfast is not an issue. I have 2 boys: 6yo & 9yo. One eats muffins, the other eats cereal. No big whoop. And yes they’re eyes never come off the TV, but I’m busy with other shiz so I don’t care.

    Lunch is not bad either. Only the 6yo takes his lunch, and he’ll only eat lunchables…so easy peasy.

    Dinner, however, is the WORST. Okay, so the hubs and I are vegan, but the boys aren’t. We let them try vegan dishes – some they like, some they don’t -but for the most part they just want chicken nuggets, or soup, or mac n cheese, hot dogs, sometimes pasta, etc. etc.

    99% of the time I make something for them, they eat half of it and then ask for a bowl of cereal! ugh. It’s not their fault, though. it’s what they know, and that’s ALL on me. When things got tough (when 6yo was an infant and we moved) I caved and started feeding them easy food. Now they’re hooked on it. Hopefully (over time) they’ll learn to like more of the healthier dishes I make!! Luckily they both like fruit so they’re pretty healthy snackers. That’s my saving grace!

    Holy crap. how did this turn into such a long comment??? eeek.
    beth teliho recently posted…That Time A Comedian Stripped For Me. Sort of.My Profile

  7. Oh man, my husband does this and it drives me nuts. But I try not to complain. I think sometimes guys and kids just don’t realize how much work we do!!
    Martha recently posted…Hey, It’s Okay (on Wednesday again…)My Profile

  8. Truth? My husband packs the kids lunches, makes our dinner and breakfasts, though that is not necessarily a good thing because his definition of healthy and appropriate food for children is not the same as mine. He used to travel for work A LOT (as in he spent two years in Ireland while the kids were younger). I did everything back then, much like you do, and it was HARD!! I am very happy that he has changed jobs and is home so much more, even if it means giving up some control on the food we eat. Kudos – you’re a GREAT mom!
    Janice- The Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s A Kettlebell HIIT Workout for You!My Profile

  9. My daughter is now in charge of making her own lunch. And usually she makes it the night before.
    Sarah @ How My World Runs recently posted…February Fitness Survey {link up}My Profile

  10. We’re a quick breakfast sort of family, and my kids are too young for lunches. Breakfast here is usually some oatmeal and fruit, or yogurt.

    *stopping by from SITS
    MarfMom recently posted…Advocacy…Are You Doing it Effectively?My Profile

  11. Sometimes I wonder if ill ever get a night off dinner cooking!! Thank goodness for Saturday take away! My little girl eats cereal toast and fruit every day. Creature of habit! Love your blog. Mez xx SITS

  12. Pancake is our family favourite breakfast. If I make lunch for outings, I prepare it the day before. I am not the most productive person in the morning! 🙂
    simply called food recently posted…Soup of the week: Curry coconut cream soupMy Profile

  13. I can relate to you in sort way! However, 3 years ago I could have my husband in the dinner table with his phone, answering call from work, and so on. One day I told him no more phone while having dinner! And from now on you will help me to serve the food. Thank God he is not a Macho style man, and he understood that hour time to eat is to do so, and talk to each other. On the other hand, my two kids are still working on that, but they are not allow to watch TV either during dinner, breakfast and so on. It takes time, they think that we are their maid, and we are just there to serve prepare food and serve it.
    Remy recently posted…Craftsy Affiliate Program ⎢Busy Mom MonologuesMy Profile

  14. Man, I want to be in your house. When I was growing up I had to fetch my own bowl of cereal!
    mandy @ fatgirlgonehealthy recently posted…Whole30 – Hitting the wallMy Profile

  15. Mandy….you are funny 🙂
    Fitnessmomwinecountry recently posted…Last I Checked This Wasn’t A DinerMy Profile

  16. Hi Lynda, stopping by from the SITS comment thingy. I LOVED that show when I was little, Mel’s Diner, my parents actually still have a cassette tape of me taking about it while watching it, (lol I said cassette tape).
    I totally let my girls watch tv with breakfast otherwise they probably wouldn’t eat it. Feeding them in the AM is pretty easy, yogurt or cereal but dinner, that’s a whole other thing. Everyone wants something different and everyone expects ME to make it. Drives me CRAZY! And it’s rarely something easy, my 5yro loves steak and my 6yro wants orange chicken a lot. Why can’t they just want mac and cheese. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂
    Meg @ Lip Gloss and Lumber recently posted…I Bribe My Children and Why I’m totally OK with that.My Profile

  17. I so hear you on this one lol! My kids are so much like yours. I make the lunches the morning of, so they are fresh. The TV is not really on in the morning , because they don’t have time. Just this week we have it on because of the Olympics. Thanks for sharing. From the Sits Girls Comment Love:)

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