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It was Tuesday night when Faith came into our room and said “Mom, I need the computer after school tomorrow”, “are you going to be working on it”?  That sentence right there, that was it.  I placed my magazine down and my hot tea, removed my glasses and knew we had a “project” coming.  As a parent we have the special “mommy senses”, the one’s that tell our guts that something is up or we know when the kids are holding back on something.  In fact, we should have special capes we put on for each time we are to jump into action.  This would require the “Project Cape” {gulp} and I was to get ready.

I continued to listen to our princess as she began to explain the assignment.  I asked questions, she rolled her eyes.  I asked more questions, she did the “chill  mom”, “it’s all good” lecture.  I went to tuck her in and say goodnight.  I slept knowing that she was preparing me for tomorrow, because this was going to be more than she was letting on.


This was not the “norm” for Miss Faith, as she is ALWAYS working on her homework days before something is due, and she is always checking her grades via the school computer system.  I got her home from school, we washed up,  “snacked” up,  and rolled up our sleeves to start in.  Faith has yearbook this year and the project was to create a flyer/brochure to talk about the eight electives for in-coming sixth graders.  This required templates and placing and pictures and wording.  It required being more creative than what we thought the other kids would be.  I required stepping out of the box and having fun.

Faith is the creative genius in this house {her father runs a close second} and I, well let’s just leave that alone.  We are in the template, she has created one page of eight.  Let’s move forward a bit… some time has passed and the question comes, “Faith when is this due”?  “Tomorrow”.  “Why on earth are we doing this now”?  Oh that’s right, she was able to attend an out of town birthday party for her “bestie” and this got brushed aside.  It was time to choose my battle and we did not have time for that.

2014-02-19 06.05.01

The afternoon went on and on.  I could feel the stress and tension with both of us.  We were tired, and some tears were shed.  It was time for a break and another snack, we had to re-group before we would start to want to strangle one another.

2014-02-19 06.08.10

Daddy was on his way home and I was cooking dinner with Faith still at the computer.  Good thing Noah took it upon himself to pull out his science homework earlier and just get it done, without me having to harp on him.  He knew better, the tension in the room was thick.  We were at serious mode now and very tired. That did not matter, I was not going to be the parent who would stay up and do the assignment for her, nor would she let me.  This was a team effort and we were in this together.

2014-02-19 06.09.07

Did we battle and butt heads?  Yes.  Did I tell my daughter to “trust me” when showing her some ideas?  Yes.  Did she struggle with that?  Yes she did.  Did this brochure project come out AMAZING?  Yes, yes it did.  Success, not only did we spend hours together, mom and daughter working as a team, but we really loved the outcome.  We saved the project to her school file and she would be printing it from there and turning it in.  It was beautiful, creative and we think “the best”. 

Hugs and deep breaths were shared.  The clock showed it was after 8:30 p.m. and we were both wiped out.  Do I want this to become a habit?  No, and I know it won’t.  Mom’s have the most difficult jobs EVER hands down.

  • We are always on call
  • We are to be ready at any given moment
  • We are to drop everything when our kids need us
  • We are to suck it up, because we made the choice to be moms, we asked for this, we wanted it
  • We take care of their needs first
  • We support them
  • We are there rock in order for them to succeed

This was left on the counter when I came back downstairs…It did not matter about the project, it was worth it.

2014-02-19 14.47.50

*Have you stayed up late hours working on something last minute with the kids?  Are you a parent who will do the project for them {I know some are out there}.  Are your kids involved with tracking their grades and staying on track? Have your kids reached school age yet, where you have projects?



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  1. says

    I remember the days my mom would stay up for hours helping all of us with those looming (and last minute) projects we procrastinated. Brings back the memories and how lucky we are to have MOMs there for us, at any moment… even still today.

  2. says

    LOL – the project cape! I’ve been trying to teach my oldest daughter (grade 3) responsibility – I don’t check her school agenda and remind her of her projects, she needs to check her agenda every evening and tell me about the work that she needs to get done. I will then help her with it, but ultimately she’s the one that does the work and is the creative genius on the projects. I do love the time that we spend together on her projects – with 3 kids it’s actually a great opportunity for one on one time, and the project cape is fun to wear. Great job helping Faith Lynda!
    Janice- The Fitness Cheerleader recently posted…My Fitness Assessment ResultsMy Profile

  3. says

    That is awesome, the note, not the last minute stressful project aspect. My oldest is 7 and just entered this projects for school phase, so I can foresee some of these nights in our future.

  4. says

    I was the creative genius in my house as a kid. Luckily, I was also stubborn about doing things by myself. I always procrastinated and still do to this day. I like the pressure since it fuels my creative fire. My parents didn’t have to help me, but I do remember calling my dad at work to ask him to drop off things I would forget. He never did. I always suffered the consequences and I’m glad. I learned how to be responsible!
    Kayla recently posted…Tune OutMy Profile

  5. says

    The note she left for you captures everything! You were toiling away down to the wire to help support her in finishing a project that probably seemed overwhelming to her at the time, but more importantly you were modeling facing a deadline with determination instead of defeat, you were sharing creativity, and you were a team. That is the most lovely thing to see! So worth the work!
    Esther recently posted…You are the living garden of the love of generationsMy Profile

  6. says

    What a sweet, touching story. I wish I had daughters when I read stuff like this. My oldest son is 9 and he is very on track with his school assignments. It’s nice to spend time together. Love all the special moments! :)
    Nicole recently posted…Juicing: The BasicsMy Profile

  7. says

    What a sweet note to sum up everything! This is a good reminder of what is expected of us as mothers especially as our children grow older. My toddler has a bit to go before we reach that hectic stage of school projects, but I will remember how ready I must be to drop whatever I am doing to help them get the job done when time comes!

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