San Francisco and “The Color Run”… Amazing

This past weekend our daughter and I attended The Color Run in San Francisco and let me start by saying, if you have never done one, you MUST!


This was the second time we have done a run with color and it is such a blast.  This time we scheduled ourselves for the afternoon run and it was held at Candlestick Park {which will be gone soon as they are going to destroy it this year}.  We did not have to get up at the crack of dawn to drive in and get settled, that was a plus.  The weather was perfect {we have been having amazing weather here in California lately, although we do need some more rain}, I have to be honest, I was loving the upper 70’s weather and almost no wind.  We packed up plenty of water, bananas, bagels and made sure to sunscreen ourselves.  Oh and we had to bring Stryker, our trusty fit family dog.

2014-03-15 12.15.09


The parking lot had plenty of room as the runners from the morning race had already headed out, so parking was easy peasy and we were able to get close to check in.


The swag bags were really cool {the bag itself} and we had t-shirt, headband, wrist band, tattoos, and even finger nail wraps to bling out your fingers if you wanted.


2014-03-15 12.14.00

I had “Happy” tattooed on my chest for about 2 days!


Faith just taking it all in and having a quiet moment

Everyone was just “happy” and the energy was amazing.  The staff for the event did a great job motivating all of us and were very helpful with any questions you might have.


A group of Moms from Berkley, CA and their little ones. I love it!


The shirts we got in our swag bags were pretty cool


Even Stryker got into the fun and sported a head band


Faith making friends with runners


Just getting pumped up…this is the second race and look at all the people


Unicorn…I knew I saw one


Count down…we are out of here!

Sure enough, not 10 minutes out, I get a stitch in my side and start to pretty much walk.  Faith was NOT happy with me and she let me know about.  The look on her face as she turned back to check on me {yes, she runs fast and is amazing at never having to stop} was priceless.  Her words, “come on mom” were enough to make me feel so bad.  I could hear it in her voice, the frustration and I could see how annoyed she was with me by the look on her face.  I had to suck it up big time!  She was very patient with me {god bless her} and made it very clear that when we were done with the race, she was to go and get her favorite ice cream.  We managed the 3 1/2 miles pacing each other and as we headed for the finish, the last thing I expected was Faith turning back and slowing down, reaching her hand out to me and grabbing mine.  “Mom, let’s finish”.


Side aches and cramps, not hydrating enough, but crossing the finish with our daughter…priceless




Happy after all..

DSCN3168 2014-03-15 14.06.28

The finish line had so many great tables of products…Kind Bars, Zico Water {all flavors} to name a few.  The energy and after party was great, music and just tons of fun.  Of course we were right on the bay in San Francisco, so perfect pretty much.


Time to head back home…

Thank you to The Color Run for the registration and allowing us to share our story.  We will be back and can’t wait!*So have you done a Color Run?  Which one? Have you taken your kids? Are you motivated to do one now?


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  1. says

    I’ll be honest…I’m not a runner. But my son is! He would LOVE this. It looks like so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

    And I still can’t believe that Candlestick Park will be gone. =(
    Kim @ 2justByou recently posted…Sneak PeeksMy Profile

  2. says

    Looks like a fun event to do with kids-what IS that stuff though? I have asthma and am afraid it would get me to wheezing! Hope the weather is as great in June as we will be there for Escape from Alcatraz Tri and Sharkfest!

  3. says

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Mother, Daughter LOVE :) Makes me miss my mama! I never ever did things like this when I was younger with my mama. She was always working. To be honest, I never really knew her until I was 17, when I returned home from boarding school. Your daughter will always appreciate these memories!!!
    GiGi Eats Celebrities recently posted…Asparagus: Aroused By SpringMy Profile

    • says

      Risa, anyone can do the color runs…many shapes, ages and sizes for people were out there…many walkers were out is just fun and a way to move while having a great time :) You should click the link and find one in you area for sure, get some friends and go

  4. says

    This has been on my list of something I want to do! It really does look like so much fun! I would have to walk/run it, but I love that it’s a happy thing and that walkers are allowed too. Sounds like you and your daughter had a great day of it (love the face and “happy” tatoo!) Oh, and completely jealous of that SF sunshine! I need to visit California some day!
    Kelly @ Leafy Not Beefy recently posted…Gorton’s Real Solutions Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  5. says

    Lynda I know I have said it before but you have fantastic photos!! Love that your daughter do this together. I have not done a color run but it sounds fun and your pics are a great selling point (they should give you free entry!).

    I just want the weather to be nice enough to run. 😉
    Melissa recently posted…Prosciutto Wrapped AsparagusMy Profile

  6. says

    I absolutely love that you made it a family affair. I’m not much into running, but when I see how much fun it can be to gather with friends and family at events like this it makes me want to be! You got some awesome pictures to document this amazing day as well. Love it! :)
    Nicole recently posted…Zuke’s Natural Treats GiveawayMy Profile

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