Bringing The Color Run To Our School

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Last Friday was our first jog-a-thon for the Adele Harrison middle school here in Sonoma.  This  was an event that was the brain child of one of our AMAZING parents {Eileen}.  She worked to pull together volunteers, contacted some local markets for sponsorships, created letters, etc.  If you have ever been a parent volunteer in your child’s school, you get the idea.

Eileen had contacted me asking if I would be willing to hop on board with this event, knowing it was right up my alley.  She had wanted to create a Color Run for the kids and knowing that I have had plenty of experience with color runs, I was just the gal.

I could not wait to get a hold of my contacts at The Color Run and start conversation.  It did not take long for them to want to reply and jump in on doing anything and everything they could to help create an AMAZING experience for our 425 kids.  Most of them had never heard of a color run or seen one, and very few {if any} had ever been to one.  I had also gone ahead and contacted my gals from Fit Approach {my Sweat Pink Ambassador family} and they did not hesitate to send a box of Sweat Pink Swag for the fun day.

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We had everything from glasses, wristbands, to color packs.  Our local Sonoma Market donated all the apples for our runners.  Whole Foods and Kind Bars worked together to donate over 300 barsThe kids were able to get excited and in the groove during their lunch hour as we passed out colorful wristbands, and fun glasses.  Then after lunch, they all headed out to the black top area for some music and moves to get in the spirit.  It was such a cool experience, watching the kids get involved.   You could feel the energy from all of them, jumping, dancing, singing along to the music.  It sent goosebumps down my arms and tears filled my eyes.  I knew this was going to be big deal and having their attention was awesome.

2014-04-11 02.09.45

Dancing to Pharrell Williams {Happy} as if this song is not “happy” enough, watching 400 kids dancing to it makes it even better.

2014-04-11 02.05.14

2014-04-11 02.15.18

2014-04-11 02.19.49

2014-04-11 02.26.38

2014-04-11 02.28.48

2014-04-11 03.01.57

2014-04-11 03.01.40

2014-04-11 03.09.12

The run was about an hour long and everyone had a blast.  It was an afternoon of fitness and color all wrapped up into one.  The school earned money from the jog-a-thon for funding towards new lap top computers, field trip money, library books and better outdoor equipment.  A HUGE thank you to the sponsors and bravo to the kids for trying something new.

2014-04-11 02.46.43

2014-04-11 02.44.24

Contacts have been made for next year’s event and I am looking so forward to doing this again, and seeing how much we can grow it.

*Do you think having a Color Run at the school is awesome?  Have your kids done a Color Run with you?  Don’t you think we need more physical activity in the schools?


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  1. says

    I totally think the kids need more physical activity and things like this would be awesome. I know a couple of years I hosted a Spinning class for a junior high group and the high school where I used to live. I have to say its easier to motivate adults than kids…at least for me. I can only take so much whinning, lol.
    I love how you have so many photos, its like we are witnessing it from the side lines. And who doesn’t love all the grab bag stuff.
    Melissa recently posted…“You Shouldn’t Wear That!”My Profile

  2. Christine says

    We have a fun run/walk at our grade school and are trying to see if we can make it into a color run – could you share your contacts?? That would be a big help! Thanks!

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