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This past February I was in  our local book store having some quiet time and enjoying looking for a new book {I also love to stop and smell the insides of them}.  I came across the cutest book from Drew Barrymore called Find It In Everything.  The book caught my eye and I picked it up and started looking through it.  I instantly fell in love with it.  This book was more of a project than just a story with pages of words.  It was a project of love, it was art.  It inspired me


Basically, it is a book full of fabulous photos of HEARTS.  Anywhere and everywhere, just hearts.  If we really stop and look around us, we can find them in almost everything.  I found myself smiling as I kept turning the pages.  I thought to myself, what a wonderful project.  I love this idea.  I am always talking about taking in each moment of everyday and notice what is around us.  I had never thought to see what shapes are all over though.  I made a mental note to myself and tabled this as a future project.  Just some random hearts that I have seen during random days …


2014-04-17 01.39.45

I am always looking at what is around me anyway.  I do stop and smell flowers when out walking.  I do notice birds, or blooming trees.  I watched a butterfly the other day that caught my eye while out on a run.  Then I started to notice how many places I could find hearts and I found that they really are almost everywhere.  ♥ 

2014-04-17 00.02.10

*Have you heard of Drew’s book or seen it?  Do you take time to notice what is around you?  Do you stop and just take everything  in and enjoy a moment?  Are you thinking that this could be a fun project for yourself and even the kids?





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    This is why I love being in nature so much. You never know what you might find. On a hike once, I found moss on a tree in the most perfect heart shape. And we have a tree in our yard that has a heart shaped knot in it’s root. I agree this would make a great project for kids!

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    That’s so cool! I didn’t know she had a book. It is going to be on my to-read list for sure!
    Maybe I will start looking for smiley faces everywhere (not human ones, but in nature and in man-made objects).

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    I thumbed the pages of this book at the bookstore last week (LOVE THEM, TOO). The concept is so beautiful. I’ve been taking a lot of new roads/trails for my walks and am enjoying photography more just to be able to capture what other people miss.
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