Napa Valley Zooma Runner Spotlight #4

The Napa Valley Zooma Race Ambassadors are excited to bring you our “Runner Spotlight Series”!  Each week we will be featuring a Zooma Napa Valley half marathon or 10K runner on each of our blogs.  As women runners, we want to use our role as an Ambassador to highlight and share the stories behind the incredible women preparing to run Zooma in June.  Each runner has a special and unique story and we invite you to learn about them through this series.  Please feel free to click through the links at the end of each post to read about additional Zooma Racers.

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Meet Runner Haley …



  • Name Haley Gonzalez
  • Age 29
  • Current City Sacramento
  • Race Half Marathon

Why are you running Zooma Napa Valley?  I love Napa. I was born there and I will always consider it home. And being an ambassador representing the race is such a great opportunity! I am so grateful to have been chosen to represent ZOOMArun Napa Valley!

When and why did you start running?

I remember the very day I wanted to be a runner! December 4th 2011. My friend ran the California International Marathon that day and I went to cheer her on. I loved the energy I felt as a spectator and I wanted to be a part of it! 3 months later I ran my first half marathon, and I ran the California International Marathon the next year. I run for the love of it.

How many races have you done and which is your favorite?   Well, I have 12 medals…those are from both half and full marathons,  a few 20 milers and a 10 miler. I have run a bunch of 5 and 10k races as well. My favorites are the CIM since it is here in Sacramento and the running community here is awesome. Another is the US Half Marathon in San Francisco – great course and amazing views, and finally the Napa Valley Marathon. It was my first race in my hometown and I PR’d at 3:58:57.

If you could pick one celebrity to run with, who would it be and why?  Good question. Jonathan Carroll. He is my favorite author and to run with him and talk to him about his work would be so cool! It would have to be in Vienna (where he lives & I’ve always wanted to visit). I know he probably isn’t considered a “celebrity” but that’s my choice!

What is your one running “must have”?  My Altra running shoes. Best running shoes ever!

What is your favorite post-run indulgence?  Beer, wine, pizza.

Who is your running inspiration?  Everyone who gets out there and runs. Its probably one of the hardest sports.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from running?

Train smart! Don’t run your hardest every run, stretch, warm up, cool down, eat smart. If you’re going to get into running you need to take care of your body. It is a lot of work, but worth every minute! I have also learned I can accomplish ANYTHING I put my mind to. I am strong, and dedicated.

What is your favorite running memory?  Running the California International Marathon in 2013. I was crying by mile 26 – well there were a few miles I cried at. I was doing so well! I beat my first CIM time by about 1 ½ hours! It was crazy, such a great experience.

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*Are you running the Zooma Napa Valley and would like to be featured in our Runner Spotlight Series?  Email for more info.  Register for the Napa Race and use the discount code NAMB7 for 10% off your registration {offer ends June 25, 2014}.


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