Wednesday Wonderfulz #6 Summer Faves

Welcome back to another Wednesday Wonderfulz  hosted by myself and fellow blogger miss Sarah.  This week we are sharing just some of our favorite summer “must haves”.   Come on over and leave your comment and please link up your blog post with your favorite summertime fun things.

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Wednesday Wonderfulz final 2

Just some of my summer time faves …

I am NOT a shoe gal.  I keep my shoe selection pretty basic.  Running shoes, flip flops and an occasional heal here and there.  I am a huge fan of my Havaianas, but when I went to Maui last summer, I was out shopping in one of the local shops and came across a flip flop that caught my eye.  The Kustom flip flop {in black of course} to go with my black bikini.  I purchased these and have fallen in love with them.  This flip flop is the MOST comfortable one I have ever worn.  {No I am not being paid for this comment}.  I truly love this shoe and the brand.  They are strong enough on the bottom and the strap across the foot is so soft.  If you ever have a chance to look these up, do so.


I am not a believer in the “tan in a can” tanning bed.  Those are so horrible for us.  However, I do enjoy a glow to my body and I love my Jergens  products.  I have never had a problem with the lotion running or streaking.  I use this all year round and it is a must have in my bathroom cabinet.  Budget friendly also.


My go to over the counter product and budget friendly is Neutrogena {my facialist my not agree} but I love this brand.  Pick one, any one.  My top faves are the Clear Face Sunscreen and the Rapid Wrinkle Repair {also with sunscreen}.  Every day, all day.  Sure I check in with my aesthetician every few months and treat myself, but this stuff is ALWAYS in my bathroom.

Coconut water is something I always have in the house, especially this time of year.  If I keep it cold, I can drink it straight, otherwise it goes into almost ALL of my smoothies and protein drinks.  Zola is my go to brand {yes I do work with them every so often} but I do because I love this water AND they are local to me.  The waters come in different flavors OR you can try out their Acai Juices.  It’s all good.

Avocados are around all year, however during the summer I eat so many more of them.  These are just one of my fave quick snack foods.  They are easy, just cut and eat.  I love slicing them and adding a dash of kosher salt or maybe some rice vinegar, some black beans.  Or just eat one plain.  I am a huge fan of the Avocado.  Every once in a while I will apply an avocado mask to my face.  Must keep the skin beautiful.

A great pair of sunglasses are key for summer.  I used to go and purchase glasses from a local Target or department store.  Now that my kids are older and I have less reason to worry about my glasses being stepped on, sat on, broken or played with, I can buy big girl fancy designer glasses.  I don’t splurge on a lot of things, but my Coach sunglasses are my MOST fave accessory.  My hubby actually went out and brought me home a pair and he nailed it.  They are perfect, I love them and even run in them.  No slipping off and they just feel amazing.  It is time to add another pair to the collection, after all a gal can’t have too many sunglasses.

*That is enough for now on my list.  Let’s hear from you.  Leave a comment and tell us some of your summer faves OR take time and add your blog link to our link up.  We love hearing from you.

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  1. I’ve been using Jergen’s natural glow for years:) I actually use the body medium tan as a facial moisturizer. The face one isn’t dark enough and my skin tone is already darker than that one makes me. It has a pretty even look, I just have to remember to wash my hands immediately after, sometimes I start putting make up on and forget and later in the day I have to cringe at the stain on my hands:)
    Great summer favorites!
    Kristy @Runaway Bridal Planner recently posted…Lacking in pre-workout energy?My Profile

  2. ERMIGERD I have those Coach Sunglasses (I think perhaps an older version) and I LOVE them. They are fantastic. I had the Ray Ban wide profile aviators for years (several pairs) and they are structured very similarly. Both are the best.
    I will have to check out those flops. I need to find some fancier, about-town sandals (flats), though, any affordable suggestions?
    Susie @ SuzLyfe recently posted…My New Blog, Alex’s Guilt, and GIVEAWAY #thinkingoutloudMy Profile

  3. I love everything you put down but have never tried coconut water. (Is that bad?) Clearly I need to give it a go. I love coconuts, does it taste like coconuts?
    Annie Brees recently posted…Strength Training Resources To Help Get You Started LiftingMy Profile

  4. I used to use that Jergens product a few years ago and can’t remember why I stopped. Thanks for the reminder. As I recall it had a nice smell.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…5 Tips to Beat the Heat this SummerMy Profile

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