Getting Away In Healdsburg

We are smack in the middle of summer and I don’t know about you, but this has been all about keeping busy right near our own home.  With baseball season going long this year and Noah starting football camp 4 weeks ago, it made it a bit difficult to get away.  Okay, we could have if we wanted to, but being in the playoffs was a big deal for us and Noah is starting is Freshman year this August and football camp is key {especially as a newbie}.  So, this means making the best of what is near by.

That brings us to our most current get a way from home.  We went to visit Healdsburg, CA.  If you are not familiar with the area, it is about an hour and half north of Sonoma and just as quaint.  There is shopping, art galleries, food, bakeries, coffee and the Oakville Grocery.  Healdsburg has a beautiful park plaza, very similar to Sonoma and it is just as relaxing and full of tourist at the same time.  We headed up for a long weekend over the 4th of July and really enjoyed getting away.

First thing first, get checked into the hotel and head out to the pool.  It is officially vacation time!  We are not on a schedule and the watches can stay in the room.  I love sitting pool side and watching the kids {and hubby} play.  Some sun, some wine and a happy family is always okay with me.  Throwing a football is something they enjoy doing often while swimming and miss Faith has a bit of “tom boy” in her and shows her competitive side.

2014-07-03 04.24.30 Faithjump kidsandmomfaith

Who isn’t hungry after swimming all day?  Healdsburg has so many choices for food, but we opted for the Healdsburg Bar and Grill {HBG}.  The setting is family friendly and the menu has enough choices for any type of picky eater.  The milkshakes are amazeballs and the adult milkshake {the Maple Bar} is something else, a MUST try.  I packed my running shoes {this was worth it}.  I opted for the Chinese Chicken Salad, so good, yet so huge.  That is what I get when I drink a milkshake before dinner.  LOL

2014-07-03 19.26.07 2014-07-03 19.29.59

I woke the next morning around 5:30 a.m. and had such a great run.  It was the morning of the 4th and the streets were still quiet, but they were closed off for parking as the town would be getting ready for their parade in a few hours.  We ended up having breakfast and headed for the pool again.  Then to town early afternoon.  It was great, people everywhere and booths set up.  The Rotary had popcorn and snow cones for anyone and everyone all day for free.  I really thought that was a cute touch to the day.  Kids and adults liked that.  The band was playing, there was a great hot dog and hamburger cart that Noah and Faith got lunch from.  The fries were fresh and oh so good.  I think I was still full from dinner the night before.

2014-07-04 00.45.23

2014-07-04 00.56.14 2014-07-04 00.58.47

The town has some really beautiful buildings that are shops, art galleries and a very chic looking hair salon.  I love the architecture around the town.

2014-07-04 00.19.53 2014-07-04 00.19.26

I think my most favorite place was Shed. If you do head to Healdsburg, make sure you stop at Shed.

Shed is a market, cafe and community gathering space designed to bring us closer to the way we grow, prepare and share food.  Our modern grange reflects the best of local farming culture, delivering a seasonally curated selection of workshops, wars and freshly prepared foods”.

2014-07-03 07.13.05 2014-07-03 07.12.34 2014-07-03 07.11.05 2014-07-03 07.14.25 2014-07-03 07.09.08

My day was turned to pure enjoyment when I came across the Duck Dash.  Oh my gosh, I have never heard of this nor have I seen one, but I am telling you, I could not have been more excited {seriously, I WAS more excited than my family}.

I had to get up close and personal with this, and that meant making my way through lines of small children, while my hubby and own kids just stood back shaking their heads.  This is just adorable and I wanted to buy a ticket to join.  The raffle had some really awesome prizes and the Grand Prize was $2500 in cash!  This mom was going to wait as long as it took to get to the final race of the day {yep 2 hours}.  My family had plenty to do while waiting and I was drawn to watching these cute rubber ducks float down the tube to the end.  Maybe it was my inner child, maybe I was feeling lucky.  Either way it was $5 worth of cheap entertainment and a fun time.  No, I never won anything.

2014-07-04 01.08.12 2014-07-04 01.15.39 2014-07-04 00.43.15

Our day was long, and we were ready to head back to the pool.  The family had a great time getting away from home and not having to go far. 

IMG_4923 familyselfie

*Are you staying near home this summer?
*Do you have near by towns to go and get away?
*Have you heard of a Duck Dash before?







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  1. Absolutely LOVE healdsburg. I think I want to retire there…

  2. Looks like such a fun weekend! I am so not a 5:30 am runner! We are in Aspen this week and it’s gorgeous. The altitude it a killer!

  3. I live in the Southeast so we head to Charleston, SC for good food and history or Hilton Head Island for the beach. So different than Cali – I enjoyed seeing your photos!

  4. That looks like such an amazing place to visit! Thanks for sharing!
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