Have You Tried Surf Set?

I am always saying we need to “step out of our comfort zones and just try new things”.  Well I put my words to the test last month when I attended the Fit Approach  Summer Solstice  event at Sweat Republic  in San Francisco.

The event was introducing a  Surf Set class.  When I saw that my fellow “sweat pink” gurus were putting this on, I had to attend.  I love my sweat pink sistas  and am always up for meeting them whenever possible. 

First thing first, I had to make sure my hubby got home from work early that afternoon so he could get me to the city on time.  It was Nascar weekend here in Sonoma, so the traffic was a bit of a challenge getting out of here and I knew the clock was ticking to get there in time, follow the GPS directions to the event and tackle parking in the city.  I was on a mission and nothing was going to stop me.

2014-06-20 05.03.38

The Sweat Republic is a fairly new “Alternative Exercise Studio” and is run and owned by some really energetic and cool staff.  I was pretty impressed with what they had going on and their passion for fitness.  The San Fransisco studio is small in size, but large in energy.  We were greeted by staff and the room filled with a nice number of attendees for the event.  I was super jazzed to see the Sweat Guru gang in person again, since it had been far too long.

2014-06-20 06.21.20

2014-06-20 05.41.112014-06-20 06.10.26

I took one look at the floor and just about laughed my ass off.  Surf boards? What? Oh hell no!  I knew it was a Surf Set class, and I had actually seen them on Shark Tank, however having been standing right in front of these things, my head had thoughts running through it like crazy …

I had NEVER been on a surfboard
I have paddleboarded
I am not super great with balance
This will be a core workout
Oh crap these things move back and forth

I am the OLDEST person in here
I am going to get my bootie kicked

2014-06-20 05.38.29

We  I attempted to get on the boards and get comfortable before the 20 min session was to begin {the classes are longer, but this was a special event, so small sessions were done}.  I just kept looking around the room and watched others as I felt like a fish out of water {pardon the pun}.  I was surrounded by pretty young and fit looking people {guys and gals} and I felt a bit intimidated, but was up for the challenge.

IMG_75612014-06-20 06.36.35

We started off on our tummies first and were instructed quickly but thoroughly through the “routine”.  Imagine yourself literally on a surfboard if you will, paddling yourself out into the ocean and then picking up the pace.  Then pulling yourself up into a standing position and from there “surfing”, yep on dry land with a moving board underneath you all while trying to stay on.

2014-06-20 06.37.24 2014-06-20 06.37.28 IMG_0880IMG_2773_2

I can’t even remember if there was music playing during the session, all I could do was listen to the instructor and paddle, hang ten {isn’t that a surfing term} move back and forth, get back down on the board and back up again as if I were surfing for my life.  I had sweat dripping of me!  My legs were working, my core was working, my arms were working and I was almost hoping a shark would just come and knock me off the board.

IMG_4125 IMG_2181

Time was up and I was wiped out {again pardon the pun}.  I was in awe, I could not believe just how intense this workout was and that was ONLY 20 mins!  Bravo to Surf Set for coming up with this.  I can imagine how amazing it would be to actually be taking regular classes.  We do not have these in our area, and that bums me out.

2014-06-20 06.52.26

If you ever have a chance to try a Surf Set class, I totally recommend it.  If you are in the San Francisco area, stop by Sweat Republic and take a class.  So super fun.

We had some great swag bags and my gals from Awesome Bars were kind enough to leave us some samples of their tasty goodies.

2014-06-20 06.05.22 2014-06-20 05.47.47

I had a blast and am looking forward to meeting up again with the gals for my next adventure.

2014-06-20 06.09.07

Have you heard of Surf Set?
Did you see them on Shark Tank?
Are you a surfer?
Have you surfed?
Do you live near an ocean?

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  1. I saw this on Shark Tank and it looked so cool. You California people get all the hip stuff way before DC. I might have to come out and take a class there with you
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Foam Fest 5k- Mud, Sweat & FearsMy Profile

  2. this looks so cool! I wish we had one here to try out!
    Aimee Carter recently posted…Transformation TuesdayMy Profile

  3. I saw it on shark tank too! Looks hard as hell! But omg, how tall are those two ladies?! They look so tall! Can you imagine their stride?! Haha
    carmy recently posted…Think out loud #7/ Very Inspiring Blogger AwardMy Profile

  4. This looks like SO much fun! 🙂
    {Running} Rachel recently posted…Trail Running Rattlesnake BarMy Profile

  5. Wow, that looks really cool. I have been surfing only a handful of times in my life, I liked it, but its just not something I do often, mainly because I don’t live near the ocean and I think about the sun and I burn so I tend to stay away from sports in the water!

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