Paleo In Our House Week One

We all have heard of it, we have googled it, read about, researched it.  Wondered why anyone would do it, thought about it, questioned it, tried to understand it.  Well, we are DOING IT … Paleo.  The “Caveman Diet“.  My hubby could not have been more thrilled when I happily announced to him that WE were “going Paleo for two weeks” and it would “be fun”.

PaleoSure we eat very healthy, and we are aware of what we are shopping for, we prepare all of our meals, snacks, here at home.  But we were not being strict about Paleo.  What was I doing before this?

Stand in the kitchen and eat some chips from the bag.
Enjoy a cookie from the jar.
Eat chocolate pudding when I made some for the kids.Down an energy drink when really needed one.
Have cereal at night when I could not sleep.
Woof down a dark chocolate Milky Way bar on the way home from the grocery store.
Make pasta for the kids and eat some from the pot, even after telling myself “no pasta”, but chicken instead.
Ate bologna sandwiches out by the pool, AND on sourdough bread {yep, favorite lunch as a kid at the beach}.

Paleo is one of the MOST confusing diets {I hate that word} eating plans I have come across.  I don’t ever remember spending so much time reading and learning recipes as I do now.  Our recipes have always been fresh and healthy, but with Paleo, you really eliminate a lot.  I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of HOW MUCH is out there on the subject.  It is just overwhelming.

The first few days were really great, both my hubby and I had tons of energy and were really surprised and pleased.  Since eliminating coffee, energy drinks {my hubby}, cheese and dairy.  We thought “wow, this is pretty great”, we “totally have this”.

2014-07-20 14.30.40

First morning breakfast

2014-07-21 06.12.11

First night dinner, even the kids got involved

2014-07-21 07.00.19

Most easiest recipe ever, the coconut chicken tenders and a fresh mango salsa

2014-07-21 22.53.15

Smoothies every morning and always with Zola Coconut water

I am NOT a fan of red meat, so my main diet will consist of chicken and fish.  My hubby can eat red meat all the time and be happy.  We had bacon one day, but we have decided to keep that to a minimum, as we don’t like the fat.   Chicken-apple sausage makes for a great addition to breakfast.  Lunches consist of leftovers with a twist or salads, eggs, etc.  We are still finding recipes.

2014-07-23 11.22.13

Morning smoothie and hard boiled eggs with dijon mustard

2014-07-22 02.58.43

The coconut chicken tenders make a great addition to a salad made with avocado, cucumber and carrot

2014-07-20 18.48.51

Filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and onions, cucumber and tomato. No dressing just balsamic and EVOO

2014-07-20 22.20.54

Almond milk is the source of calcium and will go into smoothies

2014-07-22 07.36.14

Fresh farm to table tomato, cucumber salad

Yesterday was the most difficult.  It was day five and both hubby and I were feeling “grumpy” and lacking energy.  The cravings were bad.  I had to really talk myself away from the pantry and the bag of chips.  I don’t bake, so finding paleo desserts or treats is a challenge.  I am still running and training for my next half marathon, so I am concerned about fueling my body while doing this, {we might go past the two weeks}.  I want to make sure I have the right energy to do long endurance running.

2014-07-23 08.02.22

Another chicken dinner, fresh mango salsa and cucumber with honey-dijon dressing

2014-07-23 06.21.55

Water is always more fun in a mason jar and adding fruit or lemon – limes keeps it interesting

2014-07-23 23.56.23

So many ways to make eggs. A frittata muffin, why not?

2014-07-23 22.33.58

Manitoba Hemp Protein Hemp is on the list

2014-07-24 06.54.47

More red meat {ughh} but the steamed carrots and sauteed zuchs were my fav

2014-07-23 13.38.17

My jeans slip on nicely

Today is day six and I think I am moving past the grumpy stage.  I had a great run this morning at 5:30 a.m. and I did not push it.  I did notice about the first block that my body felt light {if that makes sense} just moved a bit easier and I actually hit a “running high” right around mile 3 {that was early}.


Are we going to look like Raquel Welch and John Richardson in One Million Years B.C ?  Yeah, NO, I don’t think so.  Are the hubby and I a going to feel great inside and out?  I hope so.

*Okay tell me …
Have you gone Paleo?
What do you think?
How long have you done this?
Any tips?

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  1. You look great!
    I haven’t tried paleo and am not in a rush to try it…
    I don’t eat that much meat and try to stick to a good balance when it comes to food – it’s more about what works for me!

  2. This was really interesting to me because your “before” eating habits sound REALLY familiar!! I am intrigued by Paleo but really afraid to take the plunge. If I had a personal chef I’d do it in a second. Glad you are feeling so great!
    jan recently posted…Random Cell Phone PicturesMy Profile

  3. You look fabulous! I have not tried the Paleo diet- looks brutal! and a lot to learn! Good luck with week 2!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…Keeping Fit in Key West!My Profile

  4. paleo is awesome, as long as you don’t get carried away with it. I see too many people identify themselves with a label and that’s so limiting.

    Check out You will love her!

  5. You look great and your food pics are always beautiful. As a vegetarian I have not tried it as it won’t really work for me. Good luck and look forward to reading about your experiences
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…5 Goals this FridayMy Profile

  6. Never tried Paleo but I’m curious to find out what you think.
    jill conyers recently posted…7 Healthy Pancake Topping RecipesMy Profile

  7. YES! I’ve gone paleo and haven’t looked back (2-3 yrs now). It’s great that you’re getting the whole family involved. Your eats from this week look great. Don’t worry about not being a baker — it’s almost better to NOT try to replace everything with a “paleo” cake/bread/muffin/whatever right away. They’re useful for a celebration as needed but to reap the benefits of the paleo lifestyle, better to just eat real food, which it looks like you’re doing ! 🙂 YUM!
    Meredith recently posted…Friday FeaturesMy Profile

    • Wow Meridith 2-3 years?? Holly cow, you must really enjoy Paleo. SO you don’t miss grains at all or cheese? The kids are still eating their “normal” food and meals, as always we keep their diet healthy and still let them enjoy being kids and food. But yes, they are aware of Paleo and do eat some of what we are:)

  8. Your meals look great, and I’d love to hear more about the frittata! We naturally kinda follow the Paleo diet but (and this will sound annoying) I really enjoy just meats and veggies. If given a choice of what to eat I’d almost always choose grilled meat and roasted veggies so it’s not that much a stretch but we’re not too strict. I love your honesty by the way!
    Annie Brees recently posted…Strong For LifeMy Profile

    • I am really missing cheese Annie. I have however made a decision to intro something like sweet potato or unsweetened oatmeal for running/training purposes. I just can’t go complete Paleo while endurance training for my next half marathon. I have another update coming this week 🙂

  9. Your food pics are gorgeous! I need you to come cook for me. 🙂

    I’m currently carb cycling, so I’m eager to follow along with your Paleo updates to get some ideas for the low carb days.
    Kimberly recently posted…Lemon Blueberry Protein Muffins {Recipe ReDux}My Profile

  10. I’ve thought about trying Paleo for a week or two like you’re doing, but I’m not interested in doing it long term. I had a lot of digestive issues until I incorporated legumes and heritage grains like black barley and einkorn into my daily diet, so I’m not willing to give those up! The recipes you’re trying look amazing though.
    Elisebet F recently posted…Real cooking with Nicole Elizabeth at The Fresh KitchenMy Profile

  11. I am intrigued by the Paleo diet but am a little hesitant with all of the restrictions. I have so much to juggle right now I don’t see how I can add another element in plus my husband may not embrace the idea. However, I do see the benefits of aiming for more of a paleo eating plan and I have been cutting back the carbs — just foregoing that morning coffee may be tough but I am sure it would be worth it as I don’t think my tummy likes coffee. It does like green tea but that may be a no-no for paleo. See? Too much for me to think about!

    Good luck and I would love to hear more about what you think about the plan and distance running!
    Erica G recently posted…The Midweek Long RunMy Profile

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