San Francisco and Big Boat Regatta

One of the things that drives me the most nuts, is when kids hang out on their “electronics” for hours at a time.  I  know in our home, we have guidelines for that.  The kids can enjoy some “techy” time on their devices {no violent games allowed} and they are shut off after an allotted time.  I love trying to find activities for us to do as a family on the weekends.  Sure Sunday is set aside for football games and college games are Saturday’s, but as a mom who just loves to get her kids out and moving, I can’t help but gather us together and head out.  This past weekend was no exception.  The weather here in California is still amazing {hoping for a great winter as we need the rain}, and the wine country is pretty hot these days as we are into the “Indian Summer” months.

I went down a list of ideas from hiking, to beach going, back to the pool, etc.  We just could not come to an agreement on anything, so that was it, I told my family to “get in the car, we are heading towards the city”.  Enough was said and we had no idea just what a super amaze day we were going to have.

As always, driving across the Golden Gate Bridge  is so fabulous, no matter how many times we do it.  We headed towards the Marina {Fort Mason} area and as normal, it was beautiful.  People every where, running, walking, playing games on the lawn, walking dogs and just being outdoors and looking happy and enjoying the sites.

2014-09-13 03.39.39

2014-09-13 02.44.21

A lover of the Marina district  myself, I had to have my hubby pull over and park.  Our destination was actually the Ferry Market Building, but I just had to get us out of the car and hang here for a while.  No time limit, we had no where we needed to be, no agenda.  Just embracing the day and each of us as a family.  We had no idea what this stop would have in store for us.

2014-09-13 02.23.31

We had been walking along the shoreline and could not believe how many boats were out on the water.  They were so amazing and the entire setting looked beautiful.  Getting closer we had realized that our family journey had landed us right smack in the center of the Rolex Big Boat Regatta  {you must click that link and see some video} and we could not have been more jazzed.  These boats were right in front of us.  You could hear the sails in the wind, just crackling, the colors were so vibrant, the people on the boats were right there, we could actually hear them.  The pictures are worth a thousand words.  We just stopped and followed along with our eyes and had a blast.

2014-09-13 03.30.342014-09-13 03.24.12 2014-09-13 03.22.51 2014-09-13 03.20.47 2014-09-13 03.20.35 2014-09-13 03.20.29 2014-09-13 03.20.04 2014-09-13 02.59.41 2014-09-13 02.55.13 2014-09-13 02.54.512014-09-13 03.09.12

Noah had spotted the Lamborghini parked and of course we asked permission to take a pic.

2014-09-13 03.04.08

Some of the yachts were very cool.

2014-09-13 03.07.21

Some of these boats got so close to one another, you just cringed as you watched.  It was so cool to see each boat work as a team, literally the boat would lean all the way over {you would swear it was going down} and then everyone jumped to the other side to correct it.  It was 100% team work and what a workout it looked like.  I swear we sat out there for hours.  The kids really did enjoy this and had a blast, they even got along the entire time.

2014-09-13 02.54.22

2014-09-13 02.40.36 2014-09-13 02.36.33

We had no idea where our day would take us and it took us to something so amazing.  Feeling so blessed that day just to chill out and have fun.  A very happy mom was I, just enjoying my kids enjoy something new and getting outdoors.

2014-09-13 02.36.182014-09-13 02.43.26

We never did get across town to the Ferry Market Building, but that would have to be for another day.  We truly enjoyed just doing this.  Now it was time to head out and eat.  Where could we go to end this day in a fun way?  Well nothing like stopping in at PF Chang’s for some down time and dinner.

The kids were wiped out by the time we got home and we had created some more cool memories.

*Have you ever been to a Regatta? 
*Have you sailed before?
*Are you a Lamborghini fan?
*Do you “unplug” your kids on the weekends?



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  1. Never been to a Regatta in person-your pics are great! I love it when we can get the kids away from their electronics for a few hours of great family time.
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runner recently posted…Veggie Breakfast Casserole (good enough to fool a meat eater)My Profile

  2. Looks like a very special day with your kids!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us! Looks like a great day! We would appreciate you linking back to us or pulling a button for the next time you link up!
    Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes recently posted…Wonder Mom Wednesday: Favorite Mom Moments from last weekMy Profile

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